Are Boxers Good With Kids

Boxers are one of the most friendly natured dogs. This ability makes them a desiring and unfavorable pet. But are boxers good with kids? Do they spend quality time with them? What kind of behavior they show in certain circumstances and are boxers as an aggressive breed? Some dogs are cruel to cats and behave weirdly.

So what is the behavior of boxers with cats, are boxer dogs good with cats? Is a boxer on the restricted breed list and do boxers get along well with other dogs? Having lots of queries in mind and exploring to find the answers. Hold your horses! Here, you are going to get your concepts cleared quite perfectly about the boxers.

Are Boxers Good with Kids?

Are Boxers Good With KidsAccording to the veterinarians, it is seen that majority of problems and comfort between dogs and children involve at an early age, especially when the kid is under 6 years of age. Boxers are such a breed of dogs which is highly popular among children and is known for its amazing ways and dealing with the children.

This high energy and adorably large guard dog breed love kids and can easily play with them without getting tired. Highly active and energetic! Boxers show great bond with kids and considered as the kid-friendly dog. Hence, there exists no potential for any sort of problem between boxer and kids.

Are boxers an aggressive breed?

Before making a purchase about a dog pet, people keep the aggressive factor much in focus. It is necessary to assure that the pet you are going to bring into your home should not be aggressive. Else, it would cause a bit disturbance in certain scenarios.

Boxer dogs are neither an aggressive breed nor does it fall on the ban list of aggressively breed. Some of the boxers show aggressive and dominant behavior to other dogs. As long as the boxer is raised correctly, it does not behave aggressively. However, they require consistent leadership. They exhibit great endurance and show good temperament.

Do boxers get along well with other dogs?

Generally, boxer goes well with other dogs and does not fight with them on its own. But, any trigger can make him show a bit aggressive behavior or they are compelled to show a response in such circumstances.

Is a boxer on the restricted breed list?

Boxer does not fall on the restricted breed list. It amazingly secures a good position as they are playful dogs, intelligent and are of high energy. They love being surrounded by pet owner, kids and other loyal pets.  This breed outstandingly guards your family.

Are boxer dogs good with cats?

As the attitude of a boxer is concerned with cats, it shows great response and good nature with cats. Boxer dogs socialize frequently and go well with many other dogs. Even boxer dogs love to enjoy with cats too. Boxer dogs, to whom proper training is not provided, become a cat chaser and view it as their prey.

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