Many people throughout the world claim to own black boxer puppies. The rare black boxer dog is advertised by many of the breeders and they take outrageous prices for selling these. Black Boxer dogs are surrounded by a number of myths. These myths are quite common. People explore much to find out about this breed and seems confused either the black boxer dogs exist or not. Let’s unveil the fact by bringing them into light.

Black Sealed Boxer Puppies:

The term black sealed boxer puppies are used for the puppies that hail from North America and simply show a great concentration of dark brindle stripes on their body. This heavy concentration provides an appearance of darkness to your boxer.

Black And White Boxer Puppies:

Black Boxer PuppiesThere are several myths that swirl regarding the black and white boxer puppies. Their colors have always been in question. Well, the reality is, genetics have the key role in determining the color of a boxer. White boxer puppies do exist as they lack the melanocytes, which are basically the pigment causing cells.

Lacking pigment causing cells contribute to the white color of a boxer. They seem to be associated with the deafness either bilateral or unilateral and blindness. They are found more prone to the sunburns. While there is no gene available for the black color in a breed of boxers.

Black Lab Boxer Mix Puppies:

The black lab boxer mix puppies are often regarded as Boxader. This cross breed dog comes up as an outcome of breeding a boxer with a Labrador Retriever. These designer dogs are not recognized breed on their own. They are a perfect blend of amazing nature of Labs and brilliant colors of Boxer.

Can You Get A Black Boxer Dog?

Having a glimpse of black colored boxer can make anyone crazy for the black boxer dog but the fact is the black boxer dogs actually don’t exist. The answer to the query that can you get a black boxer dog lies in the fact that the gene which is responsible for producing the black coat color is not available in this breed. Do not be misguided by viewing a dog who is black in color.  It may be because your boxer may have strong dominant dark brindles on

their skin, imparting an appearance of black. Another possibility which grants black color to your boxer is that it may not be a pure breed.

Are Black Boxers Rare

Many of the people believe that black boxer puppies are quite rare. Are black boxers rare? The answer lies in the fact that the real black boxers do not exist. In the line of a boxer, black color does not really exist. The sole record, which was found in the last century, for any black boxer was seen due to the breeding of a not purebred with a mixed dog.

Black Boxer Puppy Price

When it comes to the black boxer puppy price, then these are quite expensive as compared to other dogs. Black color is undoubtedly damn attractive and people love to own black boxer puppies and for this reason, they seem interested in spending their time lavishly.

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