Boxer dog bloating issue – Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention

Ever hear of boxer dog bloating issue? I heard and looked for the best tips to overcome it. In this article, I’ll tell you the several causes, warning signs, and possible treatment of bloating. But it may happen that it make you scared me, but you should ignore your panic situation. Boxer dog bloating issue is considered to be the second most important murderer disease amongst dogs after cancer. To make your dog relaxed and comfortable, you should resolve it ASAP.

What is the perfect definition of bloating?

Boxer dog bloating issueTorsion and Gastric are the familiar names of Bloating. In this situation, the stomach of your boxer dog get swelled, and as a result, it becomes the main cause of death. This situation happens when the excessive amount of air or gas grow in the dog’s stomach, or he takes so much food or fluid.

As the stomach swells, it blocks the blood flow level and takes in the air, food, and water. During the bloating issue, your dog wants to do vomit to get rid of the pressure, but the abdomen veins get stuffy — leading to low blood pressure and damage to internal organs. These both issues made the main reasons of dog murder.

What are the main causes of boxer dog bloating issue?

Excessive eating in a quick manner;

Well, as I mentioned above that bloating take place when your boxer dog eats food rapidly, drinks water quickly after that, and immediately you take him to the park for running, jumping or for any other physical activity.

Digestion issues;

If your dog has the habit of rapid eating and drinking, then it is a sure thing that he is suffering from the digestion issues and stress situations. In this condition, you shouldn’t give high-fat food or gas-producing foods to your dog such as beans.


Sometimes we are totally unable to identify the exact reason of dog bloating, on the other hand, it normally happen because of the anxiety issue. It is true that the boxer dog is very prone to develop bloat.

Higher V/S average risk;

If your dog is experiencing bloating, then it is important to analyze that he is suffering from the higher or average risk. If your dog is suffering from the deep and narrow chests, then it means that he is suffering from the “high-risk” of bloating. Although high bloating risk is normally developed in the boxer dogs.

Additional causes of boxer dog bloating issue;

Some examples of factors increasing the likelihood of dog bloat:

  • High fiber and fats packed food
  • Excessive water after food
  • Excessive dry food
  • Dry food with the combination of fat
  • one or two large meal in a day
  • Rapid eating
  • Dog Older age
  • Bloating history of dog
  • Terrible and anxious condition

Precautions for bloating issues;

  • Adjustment your dog routine and take effective precautions.
  • Prefer the smaller portions for your dog twice a day, rather than one big food bowl twice a day.
  • After one meal it is important to give a couple of hours rest to your dog stomach so that he can digest the food properly.
  • Force your dog to eat the food in a slow manner.
  • Don’t give much water to your dog immediately after exercise and food.
  • Keep your boxer dog away from the stressful situations.
  • While choosing the food for your boxer dog, ensure that it is fully packed with the fiber, so that it can promote the good digestion in your dog.
  • Avoid all of that food which contains high fats and fillers because it will affect your dog’s digestion. Yes, you can choose the high protein food diet, but make sure that all the food ingredients should be fresh.
  • For the proper digestion of food, don’t take your dog for running or any other physical activity immediately too much after a meal to give time to his digestive system for working. For the same reason, immediately drinking straight after a meal also disturb his digestive system.
  • You can give a try to the herbal digestive tonic to solve the boxer dog bloating issue. It will not only prevent this issue but also overcome the main cause of it. After having this, your dog will immediately see the difference, improved digestion and energy and life enthusiasm.

If you take the above-mentioned precautions, then boxer dog bloating issue can be resolved immediately. But how will you know that your dog is suffering from the bloating issue? You can easily recognize it from the above-mentioned warning signs. First, your dog wanted to do vomiting, dry heaves; changed body language, body bending, curling up in a ball in the corner, licking or biting the things, swelled abdomen, restlessness, and mouth foaming.

If your dog is going through from any of the above-mentioned symptoms, then you should visit the vet immediately. Bloating is a medical emergency, and you should treat it in a fast manner. In swear condition, vet inserts a tube in the boxer throat to release the gas and pressure. Sometimes they perform surgery to overcome the bloating issue quickly.
To overcome the boxer dog bloating issue, I started giving him smaller food bowls after every two hours, carefully give him water for drinking, and engage my dog to minimize the stress. It’s the least I can do to keep him healthy, safe and to keep up his peace of mind.
Keep one thing in your mind that the boxer dog bloating issue will not resolve by its own, and if you don’t resolve this issue immediately, it will become painful for the dog and leads to death.

If your dog is suffering from the GDV, then you should immediately visit the nearest veterinarian. If your dog is facing the high bloating risk issue dog, then you should make sure that your veterinarian is capable enough to treat the bloating issue and if not, then you should search some nearest veterinary. The longer you will keep the bloating issue of your dog untreated, the more he has to survive to overcome the stomach issues

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