boxer dog dry noses

There are unlimited symptoms of boxer dog dry noses, but it doesn’t indicate that your dog is sick. Sometimes the nose of my dog goes moist to dry situation due to the weather, but it doesn’t means that he is not feeling well. Depression and lethargic are also considered to be the major cause of dry nose. If your dog is having the vomiting and diarrhea then it’s pretty obvious thing that he isn’t feeling well. Dry nose further relates to the fever and in this situation you have to visit the vet.

Why boxer Dog Noses are normally dry?

boxer dog dry nosesWhy are boxer dog noses dry? Lateral glands Fluids in a dog’s nose loosens the nostrils surfaces and makes them moist and shiny. But mostly, the nose stays dry because your dog always licking it. So, a dry nose has generally been don’t considered as a healthy nose, but it is not true always. For example, if your boxer dog falls asleep in a hot place, his nose become dry after waking up.

Once he cools down and get rehydrated, his nose will look again in the normal position.
Distemper modify the nasal glands on permanent basis. So, if your dog has suffered from distemper in his early life, then the chances are there that he may have a dry nose forever.

Symptoms of boxer dog Dry Noses;

If your dog is having changes in nose texture and color, prolonged dry, cracked along with the unlimited pigmentation and open sores then you should take him to the veterinarian. An ill dog will often have a warm, dry nose along with the combination of other symptoms, such as: lethargy, less and more appetite, vomiting, diarrhea and many others. In the case of physical signs and skin problems that are normally seen around the nose area, are normally called as Pemphigus Foliaceus.

Color change;

If your dog is having the nose color changes, then this is another issue and you have to visit the veterinarian. Also in the case of pink nose you should visit the vet about protection of nose skin, because it may happen that you dog suffer from the skin cancer like humans.

How Wet Should My Dog’s Nose Be?

Some people are really confused about the thing that our dog’s nose should be warm, cool, wet or dry?

Moisture on the dog nose normally comes from the area that are being licked. The more your dog licks that area, the more moisture will be appear on his nose. When it comes to the condition of normal nose of dog, it won’t be much wet, or too dry infect it is in normal condition. In the case of the colder weather, you should keep your dog’s inside of house near to the heating equipment’s, so that his nose carry on the dry state.

Make sure that your dog should sleep in front of the heating vent, so that he get up with the dry nose, but after getting up his nose condition comes on the normal situation within ten minutes. Sleeping in front of the heating vent for long time of period could make the nose more dry and cracked.

If you don’t want that the heating heat doesn’t make the dog’s nose more cracked or dry, then you should apply the coconut oil on it. Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer for the skin, which keep the nose wet by defeating the heat.
A very big problem that lots of dogs have is interacting with plastic. If you stop and think about it, lots of dogs drinking bowls are made from plastic, and many dogs are allergic to plastic. Just the elimination of plastic water bowls and food dishes can do wonders for their noses. Using stainless steel utensils would be a much better choice for eating and drinking.

Sunburns is also the main cause of boxer dog dry noses, so if your dog is used to spend much time outdoors, then you should be careful about this nose condition. You could use a hat or glasses for his nose and nose, and be sure that both of these things are really non-toxic, because he will lick it.

Smart Tips to Treat boxer dog Dry Noses;

When you feel that dry nose is about to attack on your boxer dog, you should give him more water. Dry nose is the result of dehydration, so to re-hydrate the body of your dog you should give him more water. As an alternative you can give him more fresh juices because they are also tasty. But, do not give him any beverages as it will increase dehydration, especially which contains alcohol and caffeine.

Feel the condition of nose;

To overcome the condition of your boxer dog dry noses, try to feel the condition of his nose when he wake up from the sleep in morning. If your dog often feel this problem after waking up, then you should open the window of his room, but just a bit.

This gap can be created with the help of room air duct, so the air can be circulated appropriately inside the room. Besides, make sure that the ventilation system of your dog room should be appropriate because it will make the air circulation system great. The more great circulated indoor air would be, the less your boxer dog have to face the dry noses issues.


Providing humidifier is also very best thing to overcome the issue of dry nose of dog. This device is not only best for restoring the humidity, but also the moist of indoor air. Usually, responsible owners use the humidifiers during cold winter season because the air have a tendency to become dry in such season.

Room mist;

If the air of your house is lean towards dryness, then you should go for the room mist. It doesn’t only increase the moist level of indoor air, but also purify the germ & bacteria. Always give preference to the organic air mist instead of chemically one for your dog room to prevent the existence annoyances.


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