Boxer Dog Ear Mites

If you notice your dog is continuously shaking its head or scratching its head due to some irritation, then such problem can be due to the presence of some nasty bugs residing in its ear canal. This bug is actually an ‘ear mite’ which is known as ‘Otodectes cynotis’ and it is a Latin name which literary means ‘ear beggar’. In majority of the cases, this species is the main culprit of ear mite infections in dogs.

The adult ear mite lays her eggs in your dog’s ear canal and after sometimes a larva appears from each egg. Each larva also passes through two nymphal phases for few more days and then it ultimately grows up like a fully grown ear mite. Such mites or bugs are developed due to the subsistence of oil or wax around or inside the ears of a dog. To safeguard your dog, it is always suggested to remove these tiny but noxious creatures as soon as there is a doubt of their presence in the ear area. We have narrated their presence in a boxer dog along with the symptoms and eradication for your assistance as following;

Are ear mites only tricky for a boxer dog?

Boxer Dog Ear MitesNo, the answer is these fetid and harmful mites are the issues commonly faced by every dog breed and are easily spread from other infected dogs or even from other animals or pets. These ear mites do not limit themselves to remain around the ear canal area but can be transmitted to other parts of the body of a boxer dog.

Sometimes they are found around the neckline, chest parts or even they can populate themselves in the legs and tails area of a boxer dog as well. They can conglomerate themselves speedily and sometimes they are even countless in number. Ear mites feed themselves with the minuscule amounts of a dog’s tissue and ear wax.

Symptoms of ear mites in a boxer dog

There are certain symptoms that might appear in your boxer dog if it is infected with ear mites.

Tingling and scratching:

First of all, it is very common if your boxer dog has started tangling or scratching its head. It can be due to the presence of ear mites!

Extra amount of wax in the ear:

If there is abnormal presence of ear wax in your boxer dog, then it will consequently develop the population of ear mites.

Dark coloured decayed emission:

If such emission is coming from your boxer dog, it might be due to dry blood particles and it will be dark coffee coloured.

Infections or swelling due to some injuries:

If there is a bruise or injury around the ear, the boxer dog will try to get relief by itching or scratching and ultimately will get infection due to mite infestation.

Swelling of ears of boxer dog:

In some cases, the unusual swelling or redness can also appear on the ears of a boxer dog which becomes prominent. It might be due to ear mites.

How your boxer dogs get ear mites?

The most common reason for getting the ear mites by your boxer dog is due to the transmission from other canine companions. Most commonly, the ear mites are passed from pet to pet in normal contact at home or from outdoor. These ear mites start to create many complexities in which the skin diseases and abnormalities are common. When your boxer dog continues in shaking its head and scratching the ears, the ear flap of your boxer dog becomes rash and ultimately it is swollen which generates irritation and pain in your boxer dog.

Diagnosis of ear mites in a boxer dog and its treatment

If you suspect the presence of the ear mites in the ear canal of your boxer dog, those must be eradicated without any delay. However, if the removal is not possible or if they are continuing, then a proper vet should be consulted who will examine the ear canal carefully with the help of an otoscope.

Nowadays, many veterinary surgeons recommend many advanced medications which can wipe out the presence of ear mites immediately after being spotted. Sometimes the mites can be observed as very small white insects moving around in the ear and these are confirmed by a vet. We need to keep in mind the distinction between ear mites and other ear infections.

Sometimes, the eggs of the ear mites remain alive, so the problem might continue. The eggs which are laid in the ear by the mites take around 21 days to hatch and then they develop into adult mites that can further reproduce. In such case, regular visits to the vets must be paid for the perfect elimination of these contagious parasites. Sometimes the boxer dog owners rely on ancient methods and home tactics for the removal of ear mites, which can develop further complexities in your boxer dog.

Best way is to get your boxer dog checked up and medicated as suggested by a vet which will completely clean the ears of your boxer dog. After the treatment, it is also important to further act upon the instructions passed on by the vet for the future care and diligence.

What are preventive measures to avoid ear mites in a boxer dog?

Always take care of the ears of your boxer dog and their cleanliness is the key. If you find the debris or wax inside the ears of your boxer dog, then the cleaning to be done in a gentle manner. It is better to clean with cotton and with a proper canine ear cleaner. You can also apply the anti-inflammatory drugs or an antibiotic to eliminate the ear infections with the recommendation of the vet.

Always carry on with the complete treatment and thorough eradication of the ear infection. Sometimes the topical antibiotics need a long time to clear the infected injuries which are resulted due to continuous itching and scratching on the outside parts of dog ears.

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