Boxer Dog Separation Anxiety

Boxer Dog Separation Anxiety is a complex issue, but on the other hand, it is very common among them. This article will give you some proven techniques on how to cure the separation anxiety feeling from your dogs. All of them will works for your dog, so follow all of them according to the reason. Keep one thing in your mind that Dogs behave like the humans, so they also want love, affection, and care from their owners.

What separation anxiety is all about in the dog?Boxer Dog Separation Anxiety

The dog normally feel separation anxiety, when you behave with him in a different way or didn’t give much attention and care. While suffering from the Anxiety situation, a dog normally cries, howl and damage the furniture of your home.

Separation Anxiety level is totally changed in every dog, for example, some dogs suffer from the mild level of anxiety, and others suffers from the major anxiety, which causes major obliteration.


Main reasons why Boxer Dogs Suffer from Separation Anxiety?

There are many believes regarding this. Below mentioned are the main reasons of occurring Separation Anxiety in dogs;Sudden change in a routine. Such as you stop giving attention and care to the dog, home changing or you are one of your family member leaving home for a long time of period. Remember for dogs unsettling is a big change and they take time to take in.
If you have been out of a job and buy in the interviews meetings, then don’t forget to give time to your dog after back to work, otherwise he will become anxious and distressed.

Loneliness feeling can also make your Boxer Dog Anxieties.

So, don’t leave your dog alone for a long time of period. Otherwise, his Anxieties feeling will be on the peak.

How Dog Shows Separation Anxiety feeling?

Through barking, moaning, Licking, Negative Actions, Munching, Loud voice, Fear feeling, Excavating, Wrong Urinating, Absconding, Diarrhea, Less appetite, Extreme Salivation, Sickness and through Crying Dog shows Separation Anxiety feeling.

Tips and suggestions To Overcome dog Separation feeling?

There are unlimited treatments, tips and suggestions to overcome the separation anxiety feeling, but on the other hand, it totally depends upon on its main reason. First of all, you have to identify the main reason to treat the separation anxiety in a correct way. Have a look at the below-mentioned Tips and suggestions to overcome Separation Anxiety Problem.


Exercise is the best way to overcome the separation Anxiety Problem but avoid the excessive Exercise. After exercise, your dog will find himself tired and demands sufficient time for rest. Exercise doesn’t make your dog healthy but also cure the feeling of separation anxiety.

Behavior change;

Behavior modification method takes time to give the outcome, but it is the permanent solution to this problem. Through this method, you have to put so much effort on your dog to overcome the issue of the separation anxiety.

Medicine treatment;

Medication is the instant method to overcome the separation anxiety feeling, but it is not the permanent solution. Before giving any medicine to your dog it is important to consult the vet so that he can identify the severity level of your dog. The main purpose of Medicine treatment is to overcome the separation anxiety feeling and to make him confident. Along with the medicine usage, you have to separate spare time to teach your dog on how to behave socially with other dogs and people. Fluoxetine and Clomipramine are also considered to be the main reasons for anxiety.

Stop Punishing your Dog;

No matter how much your dog is feeling separated and anxious, don’t punish your dog. Punishment behavior doesn’t cure the problem of separation anxiety, infect it worsen the situation and boost the anxiety level in your dog and make him frightened. Keep one thing in your mind that separation anxiety is a response to panic condition, so you shouldn’t punish your dog. Just stay calm and identify the right treatment to overcome it.

Crate Physical activity

Crate Physical activity is the best option to overcome the separation anxiety feeling. The main purpose of this Physical activity is to make your dog relaxed and comfortable, but don’t exceed this activity for more than 6 hours otherwise, it will make your dog more tired. This Physical activity requires positive associations with your dog.

Body language;

Dogs and other animals understand the body language quickly, so you can take the advantage of it to cure the separation anxiety feeling. You must engage yourself in sending the right body posture and signals to your dog. You can engage your dog in some exercises that will save your pet from facing anxiety and depression situation. You have to spare proper time to make your dog familiar with the exercise routine until he feels patience by their own.

Made-up him of your absence:

Dog separation anxiety turns around in your absence. You need to make your dog familiar with the reality that you can’t stick with him all the time. Pretend that you leave the house and see your dog behavior. Repeat this exercise for some days, and you will start noticing that your dog is getting used to of this behavior gradually.

Buy crate:

Purchase a new crate for your dog because it will permit him to take a nap anytime to feel the coziness. The more your dog will feel relaxed, the less your Boxer Dog feel Separation Anxious. For his activity and enjoyment, you can keep some toys in the crate, so that he can also play with them in your nonappearance. You have to train your dog to make him familiar with the crate. A crate is the best way to solve the separation anxiety problems of your dog.
To conclude, to overcome the Boxer Dog Separation Anxiety feeling, you should research and evaluation the main cause of it, and then you understand that which method, tip or suggestion will work best for your dog.

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