Boxer Dog Temperament

When a person first time gets acquainted with a Boxer dog, it seems a grandiose and over-blown character. But once the interaction is deeper, boxer is turned on as a real play-mate.

The puppy boxer is always a cool rookie, but the adult boxers are also super jocks who are keen for the cake walks. These enduring platonic are funny entertainers always willing to amuse their owners with their amusing skills and delightful manners.
‘Boxer is your buddy, your companion, your protector and your dog. You are his soul, his fondness and his mentor. He’ll always adore you and will remain loyal with you till his last breath.’

Given below are some of the distinguished features about the temperament of a boxer dog;

Boxer demands the emotional attachment

Boxer Dog TemperamentFrom a boxer’s point of view, he/she will always expect the bonafide and zealous affection from his/her owner. From the older times, a boxer dog is well-known as a faithful and trustworthy chaperon. The boxer also demands passionate attention from its owner. They will never forget the kindheartedness of their owner.

Boxer is a real devout towards its owner

Devotedness is one of the fundamental characteristics of a boxer dog. He is always there and enthusiastic for you. He owes a genuine commitment in itself for the lifetime dedication for is owner. Their affectionate behavior is absolutely wonderful.

Boxer is one of the smartest breeds

Boxer dog is sharp and smart dog breed. They’ll always surprise you with their awesome intelligence. They have stunning ability to learn the new things and adaptability to the newer environment. They are also good followers of their owner’s commands. For their genius they are also famous among the dog breeders as fabulous watchdogs.

Boxer dogs are full of confidence

Boxer dogs are always considered as confident creatures and they behave in a superb style. If they are met with appropriate environment, balanced diet and exercising atmosphere, then their confidence goes sky high. If you are providing your boxer with an efficient training program, then it will be equally good for your dog.

Boxer dog is heroic and courageous

Well, to the stranger, the boxer dog is a real aggressor as it actually belongs to the cattle guard ancestors. He is a brave and fearless dog always primed itself to protect its owner and defend his belongings. This is also the reason, they have become the favourite choice for the dog lovers. Originally, when it was bred in Germany, it was used as a hunting dog which was used in the wild games. Their wonderful appearance and forceful jaw was added quality in their boldness as they are fearless in their character. They will keep alert the owner by alarming them whenever smelling any danger.

Boxers are animated family members

As we have elaborated in the start, the boxer dog is basically of cheerful and playful nature. They are mixed up in the family very soon and become beloveds for the children of the family. They hop with them, entertain them and tickle them with their sprightly skills.

This is also a distinctive feature of the boxer dog, it is glorious and happy with the children. Boxers are known for their drooling, dribbling, grunting, gasping and windiness. So one care must be kept in the mind of the boxer owner, if any child of his/her family is choosy and finicky in nature, boxer will not be a good match for him/her.

Agility makes boxers unique dog breed

Boxer dogs are also well-known for their activeness and athletic sharpness. Majority of the boxer owners believe in their boxer dogs being very active. Although, some also regard them as moderately agile beings. No matter how much exertion have occurred by daily exercises, they will be still happy to become crazy by running in circles around your house. If they are two or more then they will keep chasing or wrestling each other.

Boxers sometimes need socialization

Well for the outside friends and neighbours and their pets, it is pretty much essential that you are providing him with suitable socialization. They might threatening to other pets. As far as their behavior with other dogs is concerned, they can be combative to other elder dogs, but to the smaller and younger puppies, they can have soft corners in their hearts.

In a precise way, we can say, boxer feels more comfortableness in the companionship rather than to remain in loneliness. They are quite exceptional if are brought up along with other pets. If you keep them in large number, then it can be a real fun. A pair of boxer dog is usually recommended for their adorning their personalities.

Training and grooming your boxer well refines its temperament

Always remember, you can enhance the behavioral and playful skills of your boxer dog by teaching and training it from its young age. Actually, it is in the instinct of your boxer dog that it is always innovative. It enjoys learning of new proficiencies and expertise. And when you are a teacher,

if your boxer is responding well to your commands, it is always good to appreciate him/her. Rewarding with a good skill will be a charming gift for your boxer. But it is always important that there is always a difference between seducing and rewarding.

We give you an example, suppose you are teaching your boxer to fetch a ball for you. You have a ball in your hand and your boxer has also seen this and in the other hand you are holding a chicken-bone for his bounty. He’d ready for your commanding signal and as you throw the ball and command your boxer to bring it for you.

He chases it fast and bring it back for you, you reward him with the bounty. This is a good way of rewarding. On the other hand, if your boxer is not responding well and is ignoring your instructions, you instigate him by rewarding him first and then you ask him to follow your command, it will be a seducing manner. It should be avoided by a good trainer.


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