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Before you embark on the journey of having a Boxer Puppy or dog purchased for yourself and family, one must do complete Prior research. Boxers are large, muscular, square-headed dogs that look imposing — that is until you look into their eyes and see the mischief life. They are filled with energy and hyper active behavior.

In-depth knowledge about boxer dog growth cycle shall keep your alert and will make it easy for you to care of your boxer dog. The first four months in a puppy’s life are very important. It is better to have some prior knowledge and do some research for a healthy upbringing and care routine. It’s important to have some knowledge as to when do boxer dogs stop growing.

Like all living things, Boxers have different needs at different stages of their lives. Being mischievous little puppies at first, they adapt to their environment really quickly. For this key phenomenon, the initial stages as of a puppy are very important. Keep a check of the daily routine which will help you know when puppies stop growing. Most puppies will grow in both height and weight until the age of 18 months (minimum) and 24 months (maximum).Many people ask at what age dogs stop growing, so it is until the age of 2 to 3 years.

Boxer Puppy Growth Stages
Your Boxer puppy will grow in two significant phases. Initial four to five months are the rapid growth years, where the bone and the entire skeleton structure builds up gradually. The second phase is slower.

When Puppies Stop growing and change to an adult dog?
Muscles develop, and your youngster continues to gain weight until he has reached full growth. The second phase has a tentative period of building the muscles and body. One must keep a check on when the puppies start growing and add or change their nutritional value accordingly. The energy of the puppies and the adult boxer’s dogs varies from the rest.

Boxer Puppy 0-4 Months of Age:

The Imprinting PeriodDuring the initial days when a puppy is born, they are in the imprinting stage. They are impressionable and this tiny window helps them recognize their mothers and other littermates. This imprinting period goes for a few weeks till they start moving and get their new teeth. The slowly accept more amount of milk and soft food.

7 Weeks – 6 months – Vital Growth period

The ideal time for puppies to be placed with their new human families is at 7-8 weeks of age. Increase their meals. And add more nutritional food, as they will indulge in play games and exercise routines which shall require more energy. To know how big a Boxer dog gets, usually, the weight varies in both the genders. Usually, a female boxer dog shall weigh its heaviest to 27Kgs, while the male boxer dog around 32 Kilos. Males typically stand 22.5 to 25 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh about 70 pounds. Females typically stand 21 to 23.5 inches at the shoulder and weigh about 60 pounds.

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