Hypothyroidism in Boxer Dogs-Thyroid Problems

Hypothyroidism in Boxer Dogs

Hypothyroidism and thyroid problem are  common among all dog breeds and all diseases related to the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is known to perform various functions and in which, the topmost is to administer the metabolism by creating thyroid hormones. When there is deficiency of the production of thyroid hormones, Hypothyroidism occurs. In case … Read more

Seizures in boxer dog

Seizures in boxer dog

Seizures are actually incidental circumstances occurring due to mental and brain complications. An unexpected and hasty electrical activity is generated in the brain which causes seizures in boxer dog brain. It can be sometimes causing convulsions as well but not in all cases. Seizures can be further categorized into two kinds, focal seizures which are … Read more

Boxer dog Cardiomyopathy

Boxer cardiomyopathy’

Cardiomyopathy is particularly associated with the boxer dog breed in which any boxer dog might be influenced due to inconsistent heart beat, which can be too fatal as sometimes it causes to an unexpected and unforeseen death due to the failure of cardiac functioning. It is named as ‘Boxer dog cardiomyopathy’, which is also specified … Read more

Boxer dog Colitis

Boxer Colitis

Colitis is a disease in which the large intestine or colon is infected with irritability and as a result of which, it usually causes diarrhea. It can be referred as eosinophilic, histiocytic, plasmacytic-lymphocytic, and granulomatous. There can be numerous reasons for colitis. Colitis is also common in many dog breeds in which boxer dog breed is … Read more