Boxer dog head bobbing – 5 Great Tips, causes and symptoms


Trembling or shaking is the repeating uncontrolled developments of the body that happens while your dog is wakeful. Shaking in dogs may happen in various parts of the body and the causes may differ as needs be. In spite of the fact that dog head bobbing is not generally deadly, favorable finding and appropriate treatment … Read more

Essential guidelines on the topic of Boxer Dog Winter Care

Boxer dog winter care

Are Winters around the corner? Are you concerned about Boxer Dog Winter Care? In this article I’ll share some essential tips on pet winter care. Stop shaving; Shaving off your pets is a good idea during the summer season, but not in the winter season. Because hairs provide protection against icy weather naturally. If your … Read more

Boxer Dog Exercise

boxer dog excercise

One of the important segments for discussing a Boxer’s grooming is Boxer dog exercise and fitness maintenance. Boxer dogs are strongly build and muscular animals who have immense energy in their bodies. They are world-wide popular for their firmness and agility. This athlete should be kept as healthy and physically fit at homes. All the … Read more

Boxer Teeth & Dental Care


Are my boxer’s teeth falling out?    My Boxer’s gums are over grown!    Don’t know which teeth are missing of my Boxer?    Oh. I am worried about my boy… there’re no teeth so far!    I’m afraid; my Boxer will not grow any teeth more.    My girl Shella doesn’t have any front … Read more