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Boxer dog head bobbing – 5 Great Tips, causes and symptoms

Trembling or shaking is the repeating uncontrolled developments of the body that happens while your dog is wakeful. Shaking in dogs may happen in...
Boxer Dog Biting

Boxer Dog Biting- things that You Probably Don’t Know

Boxer Dogs are loyal, friendly and gives respect to their owners, but sometimes it becomes very hard to avoid their Biting. Keep one thing...
Boxer Dogs Drool and Slobber

Why Do Boxer Dogs Drool and Slobber

Drooling or slobbering means in simple words, ‘the dripping of salivation’ and it is a common thing among the boxer dog breed. The jaw...

Why Boxer Dogs are Aggressive towards Other Dogs or Cats?

Boxer dogs are one of the popular breeds worldwide, and are known for they happy and hyper behavior. They easily socialize with their owners...
Boxer dog bloating issue

Boxer dog bloating issue – Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention

Ever hear of boxer dog bloating issue? I heard and looked for the best tips to overcome it. In this article, I’ll tell you...
Female Boxer Dog Heat Cycle

Female Boxer Dog Heat Cycle

Boxer dog is an amazing dog breed which is medium in size.  If you are thinking of to adopt a female Boxer as your...
boxer dog biting

Boxer Dog Biting

Boxer is a muscular, powerful and herculean medium-sized dog. It is a human friendly fellow but one should never forger its sturdy jaw and...

Boxer Dog chewing and teething

Every one of you is aware of the teething process, as and when, it is get started in your baby. Your baby’s irritation and...
Are Boxers Good With Kids

Are Boxers Good With Kids

Boxers are one of the most friendly natured dogs. This ability makes them a desiring and unfavorable pet. But are boxers good with kids?...
Boxer Dog Snoring

Boxer Dog Snoring

Dogs can breathe from ways i-e, mouth and nose and even in the time of asleep, they use their nostrils to breathe. This is...
Why Do Boxer Dogs Sit on Each Other

Why Do Boxer Dogs Sit on Each Other? Or Sit on You!

They cherish to cuddle on your sofa, they tend to behave childish, ooops …., they’ll never grow up; they are sweet rascals always loving...
boxer dog barking

Boxer Barking

For the pet lovers, dogs are one of the most precious animals in the world. There is a famous phrase by a writer, “The...
Boxer Dog Temperament

Boxer Dog Temperament

When a person first time gets acquainted with a Boxer dog, it seems a grandiose and over-blown character. But once the interaction is deeper,...
hyper boxer

11 Most Important Tips to Follow on How to Calm Down a Hyper Boxer

Frightening issues are common for every dog. Is your dog facing the frightening issues? Then give a try to the below mentioned 11 tips,...
Boxer Dog Separation Anxiety

Boxer Dog Separation Anxiety- Tips, suggestions, causes and symptoms to Get Rid of it

Boxer Dog Separation Anxiety is a complex issue, but on the other hand, it is very common among them. This article will give you...

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