European Boxer Dog

Who is not familiar with the boxer dog breed? It is one of the most amazing dog breeds which is known for its loyalty. These are guard dogs which try their best to protect their master. If you are having European Boxer dog in your home as a pet, then we are looking forward about your experience with the dog. Share with us about the good traits, bad traits,  temperament and personality of your beloved dog.

The common queries about the European Boxer dog include European Boxer Dog Appearance, European Boxer Dog Weight and Height, Average Lifespan of European Boxer Dog, and Diseases in European Boxer Dog. Let’s have a look at these in this guide.

European Boxer Dog Appearance:

These are medium sized dogs. They may have a coat in 3 vibrant colors such as fawn, red or brindle. The coat is shiny in appearance and smooth in touch. The average litter size of European Boxer Dog is about 6 to 8 puppies. It has a black mask on its face while it may or may not have white markings on its body. The white marking may be present on the chest portion. The ears are cropped while the tails are docked.

European Boxer Dog Weight and Height:

European Boxer DogThey can weight up to 71 kg in weight. Owners need to take special care of their European Boxer Dog. The height of male European Boxer Dog is taller than the female dog. The height of female European Boxer dog may reach up to 24 inches in height. While the European Boxer dog may reach a maximum height of about 25 inches. They are playful dogs that love to play with full enthusiasm. Special care should be provided to European Boxer dog during the seasonal change. These have short tails. These are intelligent dogs which do not depict aggressive behaviors. Indeed, they are the gentle dogs.

Average Lifespan of European Boxer Dog:

The minimum life expectancy of European Boxer dogs is approximately 9 years. While the maximum life expectancy of European Boxer dog is about 15 years. These energetic dogs should be considered for regular exercise and morning walk. These obedient dogs are agile. They have a short but broad skull. Feed the dog with the nutritious and balanced diet. Bathe the dog when required. Use a good quality comb or brush and shampoo for the cleaning purpose.

 Diseases in European Boxer Dog:

European Boxer dog may suffer from several health issues such as cancer, intestinal problems, heart issues such as aortic stenosis, epilepsy, elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, skin issues, bloating etc. It is prone to dental issues as well. Take your dog to the vet for a proper check-up. The routine check-up would help in early diagnosis of disease. Purchase the chemical free food that must be of good quality. Feed the dog properly on little portions.

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