How to cure Boxer dog Hiccups

Just like humans, dogs also tend to get hiccups.  Whether small acute hiccups or for a longer duration, this might put your boxer dog in an uncomfortable situation. Frequent muscular contraction and slight pain in the throat can occur which normally stops after a few minutes.  The time for concern is when the breathing becomes difficult for your boxer dog, putting them in stress.

What causes boxer dogs to have Hiccups?

While hiccups are a completely natural phenomenon, but there certain reasons that causes them to occur which can be controlled.

Hyperactive behavior

How to cure Boxer dog HiccupsUsually when boxer dogs are too excited or happy they might end up getting hiccups. This is when their body goes through a rush of emotions, which might result in heavy breathing and therefore allowing the stomach muscles to contract and get the hiccups.

This might lead to boxer dog reverse hiccups. This is the sound of the hiccup which is louder than usual.

Rapid eating behavior

When a dog is too hungry or in a hyped up state, they might gobble up their food and take in some air which is a main cause of developing a hiccup. Eating in a fast manner can trigger the system, allowing the diaphragm to relax and contract in a different manner than usual. The common reason for a boxer dog to bloat is also taking in food and liquids in a hurry.

Feeding grainy food

A boxer dog might get a constant episode of boxer dog reverse hiccups, if they are given meals with a high ration of grain ad coarse ingredients. They might end up eating and chewing fast, allowing more of the air content to  go n their bodies and start the hiccups.

Why does my dog get hiccups when he wakes up?

Usually when your boxer dog’s body is dehydrated or requires water they tend to get hiccups. While they sleep, they might go into deep sleeping cycles where irregular breathing patterns occurs, allowing greater amounts of air to be inhaled ad hence create the imbalance of air space inside the body. This is the main reason why boxer dogs tend to get hiccups once they wake up and must be fed with water slowly and gradually

How do you get rid of boxer dog hiccups?

Give smaller portions of food

Try giving smaller amounts of meals every few hours and keep a check on the chewing pattern of your boxer dog. Make him eat slowly and allow him to drink water too while he consumes his food.

Engage your Boxer in Cardio Exercise

Take out your boxer dogs for some healthy walking or play game routine which will help him to develop deep breathing patterns and make the stamina strong. This reduces the hiccups to a greater extent.

Visit the Veterinarian

If your boxer dogs seem to have frequent episodes of hiccups, it’s vital to take them to the vet, and get a thorough diaphragm checkup done. This will allow the vet to examine the food given to the boxer dog and will prescribe effective methods to avoid hiccups.

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