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Frightening issues are common for every dog. Is your dog facing the frightening issues? Then give a try to the below mentioned 11 tips, ‘How to Calm Down a Hyper Boxer’. These tips not only make calm your dog but also make him socially better with people and other dogs.

Prefer the calm behavior;

hyper boxerWhen you give the attention to your dog? I think when they lay down in a calm mood? Well if your boxer dog clings in the hyper mood most of the time, then it means that he needs your attention. There are many ways to offer him attention.

For example, when your dog lies down, praise him, pat him and serve the food treats to him. Whatever you do for him, make sure that he likes your caring way. But make sure that your caring way doesn’t make your dog excited.

Say no to the HYPERACTIVITY;

In the case of overexcited behavior, dogs want the attention of their owners. You can say that the attention is the best way to stop the overexcited behavior of the dog. The more you will give attention to your dog, the less he will get hyper. Just do all you can to ignore the hyperactivity of your dog, but don’t inadvertently strengthen the HYPERACTIVITY behavior of your dog.

Training and practice;

Through training and practice, you can teach your dog on how to stay calm. Educate them on how to stay calm is not the main thing; its rehearsal is more important for them. Give emphasis to your dog’s training and practice to make him calm.

Don’t show your frustrated behavior;

If you are struggling hard to calm your dog, then you shouldn’t show your hyperactive behavior to him. Instead, always try to spend the sufficient time with your pet to help him staying calm. If unfortunately, you show annoyed or frustrated behavior around your dog, then you won’t take control on him.

Give preference to your dog necessities;

As a dog owner, you should understand your dog needs, for example, calm environment. Once you are done with it, then you should teach the basic skills to your dog on how to interact socially with others. If your dog has the habit to run in the room or grasping at the neighbor kids, then you should teach them not to do that. Your training will not only keep your dog calm, but he will also learn the perfect method on how to interact socially.


If your dog is frightened and show the HYPERACTIVITY behavior, then, first of all, identify that which thing makes your dog frightened. Dogs get worried fast, so it is important that which thing is making your dog scared. ASAP, you should try to take away the frightened reason. When you will eliminate the frightened fear reason, your dog will act peacefully.

Say no to the negative emotions of your dog;

Wanted to know the best tip on how to calm Down a Hyper Boxer? Then never give a ride to his negative emotions. Many times, it could be difficult for dog owners especially when the dog becomes panicky. Act as a peaceful person at this time because dogs are emotionally sensitive. If you show the annoyed, aggravated, worse, or distressed behavior to him, you will be totally failed to make him calm down. Fear is an automatic reaction of every dog, so you should take a deep breath and give the response that everything will be fine in some time. Your dog only needs care, kindness words and safety feeling at this time.

Safe environment;

The best thing on how to calm Down a Hyper Boxer is to give a safe environment. Fear activates their frightening mood, which doesn’t make your dog calm. To keep his frightened level low make sure that his hang out and sleeping place should be safe. Safe place means, where he feels himself calm without any anxious. In the winter season, you can use a large blanket to cover your dog and make him comfortable from the outside weather. By providing him the quiet room and bed, you can also make him comfortable. On the other hand, you should train your dog on how to react on those places where he feels scared.


Give a try to the Aromatherapy therapy. It won’t make your frightened dogs calm, but also make him relaxed. You can add lavender oil during this therapy to make your dog feel extra relaxed and calm.
Last but not the least way to calm your dog is to soothe him time to time. Soothing behavior not only eliminate his fears, but he also gets to know that how to react or handle these sort of situations. Additionally, soothing behavior makes him identify all those objects or signs that boost anxiety in him.


In the emergency situation, medicine is the best thing to make your dog calm and to lower down his anxious behavior. You can give a try to the Valium but after consulting with the vet. Avoid giving the strong medicines to your dog because chances are there that it will damage the liver of your dog. Dog specialists only recommend these sorts of medicines under critical circumstances. According to my recommendation, you should give a try to the herbal remedies first, for example, lavender and geranium oils, chamomile and extract of peppermint to calm your dog.

Be Prepared;

When your dog feels frightened, keep yourself cool and keep yourself prepared on how to deal with this situation. First, change the place of your dog because the chances are there that the place makes him frightened. Leave your dog for some time or help him to overcome this situation by offering care and love.
To calm a scared dog first, you have to overcome its main cause. To overcome this situation you can try a variety of things, for example, take him to the safe place or look after him. I hope that the above-mentioned suggestions will help you on ‘How to calm down a Hyper Boxer’.

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