albino boxer dog

Boxer, one of the most commonly and likable breed of dogs, are most frequently used as pets. They generally appear in two colors such as brindle and fawn while the remaining boxers which we generally see in our surroundings are different shades of these dogs. This highly energetic and powerful breed of dogs also appears in white color. The appearance of white color in boxers does not represent any birth defect. There exists the role of genetics, which is transferred to the offspring.

White boxer puppy:

albino boxer dogWhite boxer puppy exhibits white spots or white marking on their body. Albino boxer dogs differ from the white boxer dogs. Both of these dogs should not be confused with each other. Albino boxer dog is produced from such a breed which is infrequently crossed. These are the dogs which do not carry any pigment.

These are entirely pigment-less boxers and are quite rare too. They show pink colored eyes and white colored bodies while the white boxer represents the appearance of white color on their body which does not run throughout the body.

White boxer deaf:

A white boxer can be deaf from one or both ears. Genes od white color is associated with deafness too. Hence, this issue is frequently seen in white boxer puppy. White boxer deaf is to be less likely. For the 10 to 12 days, the ear canal of the boxer seems to remain closed and open ups later on. While, in the white boxers, the failure of opening up leads to deafness. They can be deaf in one ear or both.

Loss of hearing makes them least responsive to the voices and instructions of the master. For the optimum enjoyment with a pet, it is necessary that it hears and comprehends to what is said to it and likewise respond accordingly. Such pet easily wins the heart of the people. Unfortunately, a white boxer is deprived of the proper sense of hearing. After training a deaf dog, you can easily get the best out of it and relish your moments with him.

White boxer blue eyes:

The unusual colored eyes are always liked and admired. Not only in humans but also in the dogs, the colored eyes exhibit amazing charm and make the dog more attractive as well. White boxer blue eyes are a center of attraction.

Dog lovers love to play with these. People take much interest in these because of their fabulous features. Amazingly, you may find a white boxer having one blue eye and one brown eye.

White and black boxer puppy:

Boxers are always fun to be around. Both white and black boxer puppy have their own worth and unique characteristics.  People keep on exploring for the black boxer puppy much more than the white one.

But, the fact is boxer dog does not contain a gene for black color. White boxer dogs carry the gene for white color and if they get fabulous training from their owner, then prove to respond in an impressive manner.

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  1. That dog is not albino at all – there is brown, the eyes are brown… the whole def/blind issue is with true albinos, not white boxers – there is a difference. Read up on it. Although, any dog may be blind or def/ partial both.

  2. If there’s a spot of pigment anywhere it’s not albino, it’s just a white Boxer. They burn easily as would any white dog with a very short coat.


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