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Who does not wish to have a brilliant pet in their home with whom they can relish their special moments of life? Surely, everyone loves to have it. When it comes to the pet, one of the most favorite ones is Boxer dog.

There are a number of varieties of a boxer dog and when it is crossed with another breed then offspring of unique characters are produced.

Have you ever heard about a pocket boxer dog? It is a mixed breed dog having hard, smooth, fine and a short coat. Let’s figure out what is a mini boxer, are there mini boxer dogs, how big is a mini boxer and how much is a mini boxer dog.

Are there mini boxer dogs?

pocket boxer dogMini boxer dogs are also known as ‘’miniature boxer’’. Breeders often breed dogs of multigeneration. The cross of these multigeneration breed produces hybrid having the characteristic of both breeds.

These are also known as designer hybrid dogs. Pocket boxer dog is not a mix of 50 percent to purebred to 50 percent purebred. While some offsprings produced by this breeding does not even have Boxer in it. For instance, some people cross a Pug with Rat Terrier and present it as a Mini Boxer while it is not a mini boxer in actual.

What is a mini boxer?

A mini boxer can be recognized by their qualities of being gentle, affectionate, friendly natured and family oriented. In addition to this, this medium mix breed is known well for being social, protective, loyal and playful.

How big is a mini boxer?

The height of mini boxer may vary and is mainly dependent on the breed of their parents. On an average, they exhibit the height of approximately 11 to 13 inches at the shoulder.

When it comes to the weight of pocket boxer dog, they weigh about 12 to 18 pounds. Some other dogs may resemble a pocket boxer dog in their appearance. Hence, a confusion may be caused due to apparent features. But, a real mini boxer is such a dog whose look is optimally closet to a boxer.

How much is a mini boxer dog?

A pocket boxer dog is much in demand and is also a picking choice for many. People love to have a mini boxer dog at their home and kids love to spend quality time with this joyful and playful pet. When it comes to the cost of this dog, then it is available at variable prices.

While the average cost of this innocent and cute pet fall between the range of $450 to $2000. For sure, it is an extensive range but the most frequent price lies between this range.  Pocket boxer dogs are sold based on their fabulous characteristic and resemblance. The more closet the mini boxer dog would be to the Boxer Breed, the more costly it would become. Worthy to purchase!

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