Boxer Bullmastiff Mix

The boxer Bullmastiff mix is one of the most likable and famous dogs which is an amazing pet selection of the majority of the people. These tough looking dogs are a unique breed of dogs having the soul of gold and heart of steel.

These massive and powerful boxer bullmastiff mix is darker in appearance and has a flat forehead with a large skull. Dark hazel colored eyes grant them stunning look and they keep their V-shaped ears quite high. On the top of icing, these leave no stone unturned to rapidly become the friend of your children and amaze them with their outstanding activities. Their fearless nature makes them the best guard of your home. Worthy to have at home!

Bullmastiff Boxer Mix Puppies

Boxer Bullmastiff MixOne of their most distinctive and likable qualities is their care and love for the puppies. They love to have a playful interaction with their puppies and keep a strong affectionate bonding with them.

Bullmastiff boxer mix puppies are quite energetic and are seemed to be involved in healthy playing activities. They can easily win the heart of your children through their innocence and beautiful appeal.

Boxer Mastiff Mix Size

When it comes to the Boxer Mastiff Mix size, they are frequently seen as a large sized dog. An amazing fact to know is that they can grow even taller than the size of both of its parent’s breed. This strong and muscular dog enjoys a tall body, medium length ears, cropped tail, long legs and big paws.

They usually have short to medium coat which can be of black, brown and white color. These should be taken on routine walks and exercise. They take a keen interest in outdoor activities and enjoy it a lot.

Bullmastiff boxer Mix Brindle

The bullmastiff boxer mix brindle secures an eminent and well-known position as a haunting guard. This dark colored bullmastiff boxer mix accompanies the cops and army in order to aid them. In addition to this, they are proved to be the reliable guardian and family companion.

They do not bite the intruders and for this proper training is provided to them. This alert guard dog is devoted and represent good nature temperament.  They show great interest in socializing with children and other pets at such an early stage of their life.

Boxer Mastiff Mix Average Weight

The boxer mastiff mix average weight is generally a bit more than other breeds due to its long height. The average weight of a male and female can range from 50 to 60kg and 45 to 54 kg respectively. Feed your mastiff boxer mix properly in order to keep him healthy. Also, try to keep the weight of your mastiff boxer mix into strict notice.

As this breed of dog is a taller one, hence they should represent a great weight too. They easily gain weight hence, they should not be overfed. Being underweight or sudden reduction in weight indicates poor health condition. Consult the veterinarian if the weight of boxer mastiff mix does fall in the normal range. Their lifespan is 10 to 12 years just like other boxers.

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  1. I have a boxer mastiff English bulldog visla mix she is around 65lbs and medium size. I know her mixes only due to DNA testing because I had to be sure she was not a pitbull cross as where I moved there is BSL laws. She is my son’s best friend a a great companion to myself.


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