Blue Eyed Boxer dog

The dog breed Boxer has gained immense popularity over the recent times; making is one of the top most liked dogs. Boxer dogs are usually found in brown or black coat, but there is a certain percentage of white and faun boxers with a major chance of having blue eyes. It is known in the history, that originally boxer dogs used to have white coat until they were bred in a way to produce darker puppies to allow more security and protection from threats in the open as white boxer’s dogs were easily recognizable.

Blue eyed dogs are commonly found with white fur coats, and this is a genetic reason. It is a color coat gene that occurs in the limited percentage of white and faun boxer dog’s.Predominately seen with white patches; these boxer dogs have a high chance of being deaf. This genetic disorder that has traveled over the years. This breed is not considered rare and has a 25% presence. Blue eyed boxer puppies can be found having brown eye patches which is a desirable trait and makes the boxer dog appear to be friendlier.

blue eyed boxer dog

One fact about faun boxer with blue eyes and white boxer with blue eyes is that, these dogs can inherit blue eyes even if their parents have black or dark brown eyes. This recessive gene is known to be found in every boxer puppy and has different reasons to show up.

As a puppy grows up, it is born with a differing blue eye color. Over the few 5-6 weeks they tend to mature and the color is gradually changed. Boxer dogs which have larger white and lighter patches on the body are known to have blue eyes. One of the types is the Brindle boxer with blue eyes. This breed has a shiny short hair fur coat, with patches around the eye. The personality trait of these is super happy, and fun loving pets. These boxer dogs have five types of marking son their bodies which are lighter shades of brindle, fawn, and white. They have a large number of marking placements all over.

Faun Boxer Dogs with Blue Eyes

This breed is found to have different shades of hues, with varying white markings in a flashy way. These are found in a standard way on the muzzle, near the tummy and back. This faun shade varies from light to gold and dark.

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Brindle Boxer with Blue Eyes

This breed has a white base and usually as the pattern of stripes all over. The blue eyes are a natural gene, whereas the white shades are found on the paws, ankles, chest, and muzzle.The white patch is called a check pattern.

With a wide variety of boxer breed types, you get to explore the different shades of this breed. The white boxer is a healthy and that of a brindle or faun boxer. It is a complete myth to think that the white boxer dogs are an Albino production. They are as normal as any boxer breed and usually are born with blue colored eyes.

Watch the full video of blue eyed boxer below.

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