Boxer Border Collie Mix

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In this article, we are going to unveil the facts about one of the popular dog breeds namely Boxer Border Collie Mix. It is not a pure breed. Peeping into the history of origin reveals the facts that it is produced by the crossing of two dog breeds. These include Collie dog and Boxer dog. It is also known as the Boxollie. It seems to have the characteristics and traits of both parent dog breeds.

Let’s have the detailed information about the boxer border collie mix appearance, boxer border collie mix Weight and Height, average lifespan of a boxer border collie mix, and diseases in boxer border collie mix.

Boxer Border Collie Mix Appearance:

Having a glance at the appearance of the Boxer Border Collie outlines the fact that it is usually available in beautiful colors. These can be in white color, black color or black and white color. These can also have the golden color of their coat. They do not shed much. Their shedding is moderate. These are intelligent dogs which does not bark much. They bark on the strangers.

Boxer Border Collie Mix Weight and Height:

The weight and height information would outline the look of the dog. When it comes to the weight then the owner of Boxer Border Collie would try their best to maintain the average weight of their dog. They can do so by taking special care about the dog feed and workout schedule. The average weight of this designer breed ranges from 50 pounds to 75 pounds. When it comes to height, then these hybrid dogs seem to have a maximum height of about 25 inches.

Average Lifespan of a Boxer Border Collie Mix:Boxer Border Collie Mix

The average life expectancy of Boxer Border Collie Mix is approximately from 12 years to 15 years. They are good dogs to be trained. The owner does not generally face any difficulty in training this designer breed. Consider training at a younger age in order to achieve the potential outcomes. They listen and respond properly to the commands of their master. They are loveable and enjoy the company of kids as well.

Diseases in Boxer Border Collie Mix:

Boxer Border Collie Mix is not a hypoallergenic dog. The major health concern of this fabulous designer breed is Hip Dysplasia. Hence, the owners of Boxer Border Collie Mix should take special care of their dog health especially regarding the hip dysplasia. Monitor the weight of the dog and consider the timely feeding and exercise of the dog. Obesity can worsen the condition and can lead to hip dysplasia. Regular walk and exercise should be considered important health parameters.

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