Boxer Coonhound Mix

Here comes an adorable designer breed named, Boxer Coonhound Mix. This beautiful hybrid dog is originated from the crossing of Coonhound dog and Boxer dog. It is easy to deal with the purebreds rather than the designer breeds.

Let’s unfold the facts about Does Boxer Coonhound Mix Really Exist, Boxer Coonhound Mix Appearance, Boxer Coonhound Mix Weight and Height, Average Lifespan of Boxer Coonhound Mix, and Diseases in Boxer Coonhound Mix.

Does Boxer Coonhound Mix Really Exist?

This dog breed is a powerful and loyal dog breed that can be adopted as a pet. This hybrid dog breed is accepted and recognized by various organizations. These organizations include DRA (Dog Registry of America, Inc.) DDKC (Designer Dogs Kennel Club, and ACHC (American Canine Hybrid Club.

Boxer Coonhound Mix Appearance:

The appearance of Boxer Coonhound resembles to its parents. As this is a hybrid dog breed, hence it seems to have the traits of both dog breeds. However, the percentage of traits from both parents may vary. Do not leave your beloved Boxer Coonhound Mix dog alone at home.

Boxer Coonhound Mix Weight and Height:

The weight and height of the Boxer Coonhound Mix can be estimated by knowing the weight and height of the parent’s breed. The boxer dog breed can reach to a maximum height of about 25 inches while the other parent dog breed, Coonhound dog, can reach up to 26 inches in height. Similarly, the weight of parent dog breed, Boxer, can reach up to 70 pounds. While the weight of Coonhound dog may reach up to 75 pounds.

Average Lifespan of Boxer Coonhound Mix:

Boxer Coonhound MixThe average life expectancy of both parent dog breed is almost the same. The boxer parent of Boxer Coonhound Mix depicts to have a life expectancy of about 10 years to 12 years. Similarly, the Coonhound has 10 – 12 years of life expectancy. Their coat is short and quite easy to groom. Brush the coat when required. However, there is limited information available about this dog breed. If you are having this dog breed at your home or in neighbours, then do share your experience and details with us.

Diseases in Boxer Coonhound Mix:

Boxer Coonhound Mix dog is also prone to various genetic diseases. However, the better care and regular medical check-up can make a difference. These are powerful and strong dogs which should be fed well. Your vet can help you in ensuring the good health of your dog. This is an energetic dog breed which should be taken for hiking and long walks in order to satisfy its energy levels. They may suffer from elbow dysplasia, obesity, and hip dysplasia.

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