Boxer Chow Mix

Boxer Chow Mix is a marvelous dog breed which is characterized by its square structure. Peeping into its history reveals the facts that it is originated from the crossing of Chow Chow dog and Boxer dog.

Let’s figure out details about Does Boxer Chow Mix Really Exist, Boxer Chow Mix Appearance, Average Lifespan of Boxer Chow Mix, Diseases in Boxer Chow Mix, Boxer chow mix Weight and Height.

Does Boxer Chow Mix Really Exist?

Yes, the Boxer Chow Mix really exist.  These are playful dogs which depict active behavior during playing. They are shown to have good behavior towards the kids. However, the owners need to be a bit cautious and do not leave this hybrid dog alone with strangers. Their behavior with a stranger is unpredictable and distrustful. They show better response towards the commands of their master.

Boxer Chow Mix Appearance:

Boxer Chow Mix seems to have the traits of both of its parents. These powerful designer dogs are muscular in appearance. Their muzzle contains prominent black color. The skull of Boxer Chow Mix is broad while the ears are drooping in appearance. When it comes to the tail, it is found to be curly in appearance. These are gentle dogs which bark occasionally. Hence, their barking won’t trouble the owner. These are cheerful and social dogs.

Boxer chow mix Weight and Height:

Boxer chow mixBoxer Chow Mix are not giant dogs. They are not large dogs. These are medium sized dogs. The average height of Boxer Chow Mix ranges from 20 inches to 25 inches. However, female Boxer Chow Mix has a shorter height than that of a male dog.  Their weight can reach up to 60 inches. The coat of Boxer Chow Mix is fascinating. It appears in various colors such as white, and cream. In addition to this, it also has a coat of light to golden brown color.

Average Lifespan of Boxer Chow Mix:

Boxer Chow Mix has a bot greater life expectancy than several other dog breeds. It can live up to 15 years with the master. Take care of dog’s cleanliness properly. Bath the dog when they require. Use a good quality shampoo for the bathing purpose. It would avoid irritation to the dog’s skin. Take a moistened cotton in order to clean the debris of Boxer Chow Mix dog. Brush the teeth on regular basis. For brushing, use canine toothpaste.

Diseases in Boxer Chow Mix:

The major health issues that Boxer Chow Mix may prone to are Cancer, Hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, and bloating. The minor health issues of Boxer Chow Mix are Entropion and Patellar Luxation. Take the dog to the vet for regular checkup especially fro cataracts and glaucoma. The occasional test of this hybrid dog includes radiography, blood test, X-rays, eye examination, and physical examination.

Boxer Retriever Mix is a wonderful dog breed. You can adopt this as your pet after knowing details about it. Read to know more!

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