Boxer Lab Mix

Boxer Lab Mix is also known as Boxador.Boxador is a stunning dog breed. It is not a pure breed.  The crossing of Labrador Retriever and the Boxer dog lead to the origin of Boxador. Boxer Lab Mix is a popular dog breed which is known to have fabulous parents.

Boxer is amazing guardian dogs which are athletic, loveable, giant and friendly. While Labradors are highly energetic dogs which socialize amazingly. Boxer Lab Mix contains the traits of both parent dogs.

Let’s get to know the Boxer Lab Mix in detail by knowing about the Boxer lab mix appearance, Boxer lab mix Weight and Height, Average lifespan boxer lab mix, and Diseases in boxer lab mix.

Boxer Lab Mix Appearance:

Boxer Lab Mix joys the company of kids and plays with them. These medium-large dogs are active and easy to train. These are adorable and graceful dogs. Boxer lab mix is fabulous dogs when they are trained at a younger age. They love to socialize as well. The most common coat color of Boxer Lab Mix is brindle. They look quite adorable and may have beautiful white markings on the body as well.  Owners should consider the grooming of their beloved Boxer Lab Mix with good quality shampoo and comb or brush.

Boxer Lab Mix Weight and Height:Boxer Lab Mix

The parent dog breed, Labrador, seems to be large in size. While, the other parent breed, Boxer, can have a maximum height of about 25 inches and a maximum weight of about 80 pounds. Now, let’s have a glance at the weight and height of the Boxer lab mix. Boxador can depict the height ranging from 32 inches to 25 inches. They can depict the weight up to 80 pounds.

Average Lifespan Boxer Lab Mix:

The parent dog breed, Boxer, depict to have the life expectancy of about 9 years to 10 years. The other parent dog, the Labrador, have a life expectancy of about 11 years to 12 years. Take special care of Boxer Lab Mix to ensure that the designer breed lives their life to the optimum. The Boxer Lab Mix have the life expectancy of about 9 years to 12 years.

Diseases in Boxer Lab Mix:

Boxer dog commonly suffers from cancer while in Labrador dog breed, hip dysplasia is a common problem.  Hip dysplasia can lead to serious consequences such as arthritic pain and lameness.

Boxer dog is prone to a number of genetic disorders. The owner of Boxer Lab mix should consult the vet regarding the health status of their dog. Best feed and regular excercise are two important parameters which ensure a better quality of your beloved dog’s health. These highly affectionate dogs love the company of their master.

Boxer Coonhound Mix is a designer dog breed which can be adopted as a pet. You must get to know the details of it before making a purchase decision. Read more to know!

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