Pitbull Boxer Mix

When two strong breeds such as the Boxer dog and American Pit Bul Terrier dog is bred, then a designer dog breed is originated. This designer dog breed is popular with the name of Boxer Pitbull mix. There are several organizations which recognize this hybrid dog. It is recognized by DRA (Dog Registry of America), ACHC (American Canine Hybrid Club), IDCR (International Designer Canine Registry), and DBR (Designer Breed Registry).

Pitbull Boxer Mix is an adorable dog breed which you can adopt as a pet. Let’s unfold the facts about Average Lifespan of a Pitbull Boxer Mix, Diseases in Pitbull Boxer Mix, Pitbull Boxer Mix Appearance, and Pitbull Boxer Mix Weight and Height.

Pitbull Boxer Mix Appearance:

The physique of this loyal and courageous dog breed is unique. It has large heads and long legs. They are found to have strong chests. The coat of Pitbull Boxer Mix is quite splendid in appearance. It can be of several wonderful colors such as tan, black, yellow and brown. The coat of Pitbull Boxer Mix is shiny in appearance. It is quite smooth and short. There are some other names for this hybrid dog. It is also known as Pitboxer, Bullboxer Pit, and Boxer-Pit Bull Mix. American Bullboxer, Pit-Boxer, and Bullboxer are some other popular names of Pitbull Boxer Mix dog.

Pitbull Boxer Mix Weight and Height:

Pitbull Boxer MixThere comes an obvious fact that the male Pitbull Boxer Mix has more weight and height than that of the female. Pitbull Boxer Mix depicts themselves as the long dogs. They have usual eight ranging from 20 inches to 26 inches. However, they may reach a height of about 27 inches. The weight range of the Pitbull Boxer Mix ranges from 50 pounds to 80 pounds.

Average Lifespan of a Pitbull Boxer Mix:

Pitbull Boxer Mix is such a dog breed which usually depicts the life expectancy of minimum 10 years. However, it may depict the maximum life expectancy of 13 years. The owners of Pitbull Boxer Mix are lucky as they do not spend lots of time on maintenance of their dog. Unlike various other dogs, they do not shed much. They need to be trained properly especially when you have children at your home.

Diseases in Pitbull Boxer Mix:

The Pitbull Boxer Mix is prone to enormous diseases. Some of the most popular ones include infection, obesity, eye disorders, cardiac issues, cancer, skin issues, and hip dysplasia. If you feel any abnormality in the behavior of your beloved dog either physically or behaviorally then take it seriously. It may be due to any disease. Hence, the owner needs to be proactive about the health of the pet. Take the dog to the vet for a regular checkup for the proper diagnosis and timely treatment.

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