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Do you have any plan to purchase the black boxer dogs? Then you have to consider the below mentioned useful information about them.

Do you have a ‘black’ Boxer dog? Well, then you should know valuable information about them that you may not know. You may not believe that there is no type such as black Boxer dog. You may have seen ads related to the selling of ‘black’ Boxer dogs. Wanted to know the truth about the black dog, then read this article for more information. Boxer community is filled with the species variety and just because of this reason people talk about their breeders by the name of “black Boxer dogs.” As said by the standard breed, Boxers normally comes in fawn or brindle color, along with and without white markings. Then from where these black Boxer dogs originate? And are they worth that people buy them at high price?

Boxer body Colors;

Black boxer dogA base coat of fawn is common in all Boxer dogs, but brindle is considered to be the coat color. Brindle is all about the outline of black stripes that is scheduled on the fawn base coat. Brindles varies from dog to dog, in some it is heavy, but in others it is light.

Just because of this stripping the base color of dog is black and also called as the black brindles, but they are not considered to be the pure black. The display of fawn coloring over the black striping is very important for the dog to meet the breed standards. Just because of this reason black coloring is a genetic factor for the Boxer dogs.

Black is considered to be a leading coat color, so if your dog had black color as a genetic factor from the blood relation, then it would give the idea black color. Just because of this reason, it is totally impossible that the black color remains “hidden” for, as the genetic factor for black coloring without being black itself is not present in the Boxer. In this scenario, the main question is that suddenly from where are these new black Boxers are coming from, then? One possible reason is the changes in the Genetic factor of Boxer, but on the other hand, Gene changes are extremely occasional. If we rule out the gene mutation, then black Boxers are much in the market today.

Crossbreeding is the other main reason for black coloring in Boxer dogs. To obtain the black coloring sometimes Boxer has been hybridized with a new dog class. This statement shows that the black Boxers are blends, and they are not the pure Boxers as they normally advertised. According to the American Kennel Club black is the dominant color and it cannot be hidden for generations. Therefore, if a Boxer has a solid black coat, then it is a sure thing that it must come in another species.” Just because of this reason they rule out any solid black Boxers from considering as purebred Boxers.

Why the fraud?

When a backyard breeder sells by claiming that they have original black boxer dogs, which is totally wrong. They just do that to sell them at a higher price. These backyard breeders are not considered to be principled in their practices; they just do that to overcharge the price. But on the other hand, all backyard breeders are not like this. If you found some backyard breeder, who claims that he is selling a variety of breed, but in actual they are changed in the Mother Nature then they are misleading in their moral standards.

Is it possible to get the original black boxer dogs?

Yes, you can, but for this, you have the complete knowledge about genetics. In reality, every dog regardless of his species has genes and they regulate every single thing of the dog from complexion to the legs number and eye color. Genetic factor also controls the coat color of dogs, too. To be black, it is important for a dog, that his breed must contain those genes. In reality, boxer dogs are totally unrestricted with this gene and eventually, there are unable to become the black boxer dogs. Genetically, to have the black coat is totally impossible for a boxer.

Basic characteristic of black boxer dogs;

Proportion and Size:

Medium-size are very common in the Boxers dogs. When we talk about the boxer dog balance, size plays and important role in it. Male boxer dog is 22.5 – 25 inches in height, whereas females height is about 21 – 23.5 inches. There these sizes are not specific, and they normally vary. However, it can be expected that the males get minimum from this approximation and females can get the maximum height from this approximation.

When we rule out the proportion, a boxer dog has a square-shaped body. And the length of the body is equal from the chest front to the back leg and up and down from the withers to the ground. These characteristics vary from boxer to boxer. It may happen that your boxer doesn’t have the above-mentioned factors, but other one has it little.

Boxer Dog Body;

When it comes to the Boxer Dog Body, their neck has strong musculature along with no hanging skin. The chest muscles have a noticeable definition, smooth ribs in the direction of the dog. However, the shape of the ribs is not barrel-shaped.

Boxer Dog Head:

When it comes to the muzzle length, normally it is the third part of the length of the eye to nose tip. The muzzle width should be 2/3 of the dog’s skull width.

The Conclusion on Black Boxers;

If you are the responsible owner who is very conscious about the Boxers breed, then you should concentrate on improving the breed. For the reason that the Boxer dogs breed standards doesn’t only stick to the black color. If for this color any breeders breed, then it is not considered to be the actual breeders, because they did it purposely.

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