How long does it take for a boxer to give birth?

How long does it take for a boxer to give birth is no longer a question now as we make it easy for you to know everything about it through providing the facts and covering all aspects regarding pregnancy of boxer.

Signs of Pregnancy

Signs of pregnancy of your boxer do not appear immediately. It starts showing some physical changes from which the owner can estimate that her boxer is expecting. These signs appear within 2-3 weeks of pregnancy. Nipples of a female boxer pop out and become enlarged. A bumpy stomach would be seen especially when your boxer is not overweight then this sign can be observed quite clearly. In addition to this, her dominant behavior would be seen. Likewise, she becomes moody. Sometimes want to be left alone while all of a sudden wants to play with you. In the beginning of pregnancy, the appetite would be decreased and later on, it increases by 3 weeks.

How long does it take for a boxer to give birth

Boxer dog Pregnancy period

Pregnancy is such a crucial stage of life which demands extra care and proper nutrition. Boxer dog pregnancy period is a time when you have to understand what you boxer needs and how to take care of her in the most efficient way. Physical changes and changes in mood sometimes make the owner confuses that how to deal with it. A little bit care and attention during the gestation period can make it happen easily.

Confirming if a Boxer Dog is Pregnant

Confirming if a Boxer Dog is Pregnant is not a hard nut to crack. After noticing signs of pregnancy, take your boxer to the veterinarian where the pregnancy would be confirmed by the ultrasound. Veterinarians would perform some test to confirm it to you that your boxer is expecting and when it is going to give birth to puppies. Checking the temperature of boxer rectally would let the veterinarian know the estimated day of delivery. Blood test, ultrasound, palpitation, and X-ray are the most frequently used tests to confirm pregnancy of your dog.

Special Care During the Pregnancy

The more special care during the pregnancy, you will provide to your boxer, the more convenient delivery, and healthier puppies would be the outcome. Never take the pregnancy of your boxer for granted. Give her enough meal to satisfy her appetite and make sure that the ideal weight reaches to 30% more at the end of pregnancy. Avoid giving additional vitamin D, vitamin A, and calcium. Let her exercise regularly and take her on walks. It would aid her in maintaining her share properly.

Setting up a Whelping Box

Setting up a whelping box is quite mandatory and brilliant way to show care to your boxer. It is indeed a safe and sound area which provides a great environment to the boxer in order to give birth to puppies. It is a quiet, warm and calm area which aids the boxer to deliver and nurse the puppies.

Total period of pregnancy

The total period of pregnancy a female boxer experience is just 9 weeks. It merely takes 63 days for a boxer from conceiving to give birth puppies When you come to know that your boxer is expecting, then start giving her extra care.

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