Boxer Bulldog Mix

Boxer Bulldog Mix is produced from the crossing of American Bulldog and Boxer dog. This designer breed seems muscular in appearance as that of its parent dog breed, American Bulldog. While the credit for the resemblance of its body type goes to the other parent breed, Boxer dog. Boxer Bulldog Mix has traits of both of its parent dogs. It is also known as Bulloxer. However, many of the people generally mistaken it as the Bull Boxer. It is Bulloxer, not the Bull Boxer. As Bull Boxer dog is produced by breeding of English Bulldog and Boxer. Hope, the confusion about both dog designer breeds is cleared over here.

Let’s have a look at the most common queries regarding the Boxer Bulldog Mix. These generally include boxer bulldog mix appearance, boxer bulldog mix Weight and Height, average lifespan boxer bulldog mix, and diseases in boxer bulldog mix.

Boxer bulldog mix Appearance:

These swift dogs are alert in nature. They have short muzzles. These muscular dogs have the jaw of a square shape. Their coat is thin, but shiny in appearance. The tail of this designer breed is usually small. Similarly, their ear is short too. However, the great fact to know about the Boxer Bulldog Mix is that their shedding is low. Hence, the owner does not need to take much stress about grooming.

Boxer bulldog mix Weight and Height:

These versatile dogs are affectionate.  These watchful dogs are family oriented. The weight range of these loyal and courageous designer dogs is ranges from 60 pounds to a maximum of about 90 pounds. These designer dogs are generally the medium size dogs.

Average lifespan boxer bulldog mix:

Boxer Bulldog MixThe minimum life expectancy of Boer Bulldog mix is about 9 years. However, the maximum life expectancy can be up to 12 years. Some of the dogs seem to have a bit more life expectancy only when special care is provided to them. Feed the boxer Bulldog Mix with the chemical-free food. Provide the dog with a high-quality meal. Daily morning exercise is good for the dog’s health. Safe the dog from environmental and seasonal hazards. Spend quality time with the dog in order to prevent it from getting bored.

Diseases in boxer bulldog mix:

These are playful and energetic dogs. These prove themselves to be excellent guardian dogs. It is because both the parent breeds are a guardian in nature. Owners should take good care of their beloved Boxer Bulldog Mix in order to prevent them from health issues. On observing any abnormality in the health of the dog, immediately consult the vet. BY doing so, the early diagnosis and treatment would be commenced.

Boxer Lab Mix is not another designer breed which is chosen as a pet by various dog lovers. Get to know the details about this dog breed!

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