Boxer Hound Mix

Boxer Hound Mix is a hybrid dog breed. It has the Boxer dog and Hound dog as its parents. These are produced by the crossing of Boxer and Hound dog. Let’s address the most common queries about the Boxer Hound Mix in order to know this breed more closely. Such frequently asked queries include Does Boxer Hound Mix Really Exist, Boxer Hound Mix appearance, diseases in Boxer Hound Mix, Boxer Hound Mix Weight and Height, and average lifespan of Boxer Hound Mix.

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Does Boxer Hound Mix Really Exist?

There is not sufficient information available about the Boxer Hound Mix. However, if you are having such dog breed at your home, then you are welcome to share your views and concerns about this dog breed. Share your experience either good or bad and provides the details that you know about this designer dog breed.

Boxer Hound Mix Appearance:

Eyes of Boxer Hound Mix are big and droopy. Beside the beautiful eyes, this designer dog breed has the silky smooth coat. They have big feet, which may or may not have nails on it. These are muscular and powerful dogs. These are loyal dogs, which should be considered for socializing at an early stage of their life. Its mouth is teemed with teeth that are strong as well. When it comes to the coat color of Boxer Hound Mix then it is observed to be white or fawn in color.

Boxer Hound Mix Weight and Height:

Boxer Hound MixLet’s estimate the weight and height of the Boxer Houd Mix dog breed by knowing about the weight and height of its parent. Boxer dog depicts to have a weight range of about 55 pounds to 70 pounds. The weight range of Hound dog may range from 44 pounds to 64 pounds. The height of Boxer may reach up to 25 inches. While the height of Hound dog may reach to a maximum 15 inches.

Average Lifespan of Boxer Hound Mix:

Boxer Hound Mix is an active dog breed. They are playful dogs which do not bark excessively. These cannot tolerate extreme weathers. The lifespan of both the parent breed, Hound dog and Boxer dog, is about 10 years. However, the maximum life expectancy can be about 12 years.Visit this website for Puppy prices and other ifnormation.

Diseases in Boxer Hound Mix:

Generall, they depict themselves as healthy pets. However, they may suffer from health issues such as bone disorder, ear issues, and eye disorder. Take your pet immediately to the vet on observing an abnormal sign in its health. It would aid in early diagnosis of health issues. Keep on cleaning the ear of your beloved pet in order to avoid any ear disorder

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6 thoughts on “Boxer Hound Mix”

  1. I have a DNA verified Boxer/english foxhound mix.He is the most trainable and healthy dog I have had. He is a very happy/friendly canine/

  2. Our boxer hound mix is a rescue and has proved to be an amazing pet for the family! She did take nearly two years to master being house trained, but otherwise she’s awesome.. she’s very smart, learns easily and quickly, and communicates her wants and needs quite clearly…

    • How big did she get? I am considering getting a boxer/hound mix from a rescue and am wondering on her size. She is 3 months old now. One other thing is that her rear legs seem to be bowed out on both sides. Is this normal of the breed mix?

  3. I love my boxer hound he’s so sweet and we just celebrated his first birthday he’s full of energy and does his nightly parades inside the house he also loves playing outside and looking for mud holes to role around in never a dull moment with him he’s got a fascinating personality and he is protective of us all.

  4. Our verified by dna boxer hound mix rescue is the absolute best dog ever. We got her when she was 8 weeks old and she just turned 11. She is 65 lbs now. We couldn’t ask for a better dog for our family.


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