Why Boxer Dogs are Aggressive towards Other Dogs or Cats?

Boxer dogs are one of the popular breeds worldwide, and are known for they happy and hyper behavior. They easily socialize with their owners but at times aggression can make them slightly moody. Being friendly dogs albeit on the high strung side, these dogs love to have children and people around them. This aggressive tendency needs to be kept in check. Boxer dogs can be aggressive, might lunge or pounce but only at certain circumstances.

These reasons include due to defense of territory, frustration or being hyped up. There are many ways to tone down this behavior, but the few key ones include right routine and healthy social habits for the boxer dog by its owners. There are multiple ways to find out Why Boxer Dogs are aggressive towards other dogs or cats.


Symptoms of Aggression

When you observe an aggressive behavior from a boxer dog, the earlier symptoms would be showing irritation near its food bowl, toys etc. Usually this is shown to the owners and familiar people around. To first see the physical traits as to why Boxer dogs are aggressive towards other dogs or cats is to observe their body language. They makes their ears get tucked at the back, they howl, snarl. The eyes get averted and they might bite and lunge at the same time.

Types of Aggressive Behavior

Dominance Aggression

This is also known as impulse control aggression where the boxer dog tries to threaten or attack people who try to correct it s behavior. This usually happens if the dog I provoked by controlling it or irritating them.

Interdog Aggression

This aggression comes from being particular about your territoruy space and not wanting any external dog invades it. Boxer dogs get irritated if another dog comes near them without giving a sign and the interdog aggression occurs.

Fear Aggression

Boxer dogs can sense fear and an unusual situation frequently. As soon as they are in a place that is not what they usually are in and are frightful they show fear aggression and start screaming.

Maternal Aggression

Female boxer dogs are very particular about their puppies and newly born puppies. If they hint any fear near them, they will immediately show aggression and might bark loudly.

Ways to Control Boxer Dog Aggression

Keep your Dog busy

It’s very important to keep your dog physical and mentally occupied with different activities, play tie and exercise routines so they don’t involve into unnecessary behavior of irritability. To keep a check on why boxer dogs are aggressive towards other dogs or cats is usually when they don’t have anything to keep them busy with. Let your boxer dog socialize with other dogs and members of the family.

Take him out for walk, pet stores, car rides and fun activities. This shall make the dog happy and they will look forward to playful times. Bonding has great impact on boxer dogs. Give them rewards once they complete their playful tasks, pat them and stroke them to let them know they have a close knit family to look after them.

Train your Boxer dog

Set up a healthy training routine, where you can teach your boxer dog how to behave and lower their anxiety, aggressive streak. Key time to train is before the meal, where you can teach them how to sit, behave and wait for the food. Keep on repeating the routine for a few days till your boxer dog is aware of the good and bad behavior and this will reduce their chances of showing aggression.

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  1. I need help when I go for a walk he gets aggressive to other dogs, I can control him but every time I go for a walk I have to keep when I walk and I see another dog


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