Boxer Rottweiler Mix

Boxer Rottweiler Mix is popular with the name of Boxweiler. Boxer Rottweiler Mix is a muscular dog which is produced by the mating of two popular dog breed. The parents of Boxer Rottweiler Mix dog is a Boxer dog and Rottweiler dog. These are active dogs and love to enjoy the company of their master. These are protective dogs. Owners can take a sigh of relief as they can keep this alone at home while going outside. It is because of their moderately independent trait. The other names of this designer dog breed are Boxer Rottie and Boxer Rotty. It is recognized by DRA (Dog Registry of America, Inc.).

Let’s have a glance at Boxer Rottweiler Mix Appearance, Boxer Rottweiler Mix weight and height, average lifespan of Boxer Rottweiler Mix, and diseases in Boxer Rottweiler Mix.

Boxer Rottweiler Mix  Appearance:

The coat of Boxer Rottweiler is thick and short. You may observe a slightly rough texture of the coat as well. When it comes to the coat colors of Boxer Rottweiler Mix dog then it is found to have a myriad of colors. However, the brown coat color is the most common one. The chest and belly of the designer dog bred may seem to have the white markings as well.

Boxer Rottweiler Mix  Weight and Height:

The average weight of the Boxer Rottweiler Mix dog ranges from 60 pounds to 80 pounds. However, the maximum weight of Boxweiler can be up to 100 pounds. This designer dog likes to play with other pets and dog breeds if they are socialized at a younger age and trained to do so. The height may range from 21 inches to 27 inches.

Average Lifespan of Boxer Rottweiler Mix:Boxer Rottweiler Mix

The minimum life expectancy of the Boxer Rottweiler mix is about 8 years. However, the maximum life expectancy of the Boxer Rottweiler Mix is about 13 years. Both the parent breeds of the Boxer Rottweiler dog are amazingly energetic. Hence, there is no doubt about the energy level of this designer breed. They are known to have super energy level. The owners of this fabulous hybrid dog should consider the massive exercise and work out of Boxer Rottweiler Mix dog. They can take their dog to walk for about 2 times a day.

Diseases in Boxer Rottweiler Mix:

The common health problem of both the parent dogs is a health issue. Hence, the hybrid dog, Boxer Rottweiler Mix, has more risk to get the heart issues. Another common health issue that this amazing dog breed may suffer from is obesity. Take care of the dog’s diet and take it to exercise in order to prevent the risk of obesity. Consult the vet regarding the health issues in order to address them properly and quickly. The common reason for being obese of these dogs is lack of exercise.

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