White boxer puppies always remain in discussion and surely you have heard various kinds of myths about them. Let’s beat these myths in the light of facts. People explore to find out that why are so many white dogs deaf and how this breed differs from the other boxers. Regretfully, enormous people throughout the globe still believe that white boxers dog is the least favorable breed and are prone to various diseases too.

How rare is a white boxer?

Many of you think that white boxer breed is a rare one as you have not seen it much. Well, in order to know how rare is a white boxer, let us have a look at the fact that among all the boxer, approximately 25% are the white boxer while about 70-75% are the other breeds of boxer dog which is perfectly healthy since their birth.

White boxer deaf

Although white boxer puppies seem adorable and pretty yet they are considered undesirable too. The reason lies in the fact that whiter color is associated with deafness. Genetically, they carry a gene for deafness. White boxer deaf in one ear or two.

Why are so many white dogs deaf?Whiter Boxer Puppies

The deafness of white boxers dog is basically due to their genes. The piebald gene is responsible for their predominant white color. The melanocyte is the pigment cells, which are not present in white boxers.

Many people seem curious to know that what percentage of white boxers are deaf and either they become deaf with the passage of time or are born deaf? Well, the ear canal of all the puppies stays closed at the time of birth. Eventually, it opens up between 10 to 12 days. If a white boxer is to be deaf then he will progressively begin losing his sense of hearing. White boxer is found associated with blindness too.

What percentage of white boxers are deaf?

Most of the people purposefully avoid breeding for the white boxer because they do not like to have a deaf boxer. Highly active and energetic dogs are commonly mostly preferred. The white breed of boxer responds less to the owner’s instruction due to their deafness.

Almost 8% of the white boxers suffer from hearing the loss of both ears (bilaterally deaf) while the percentage of a unilateral deaf white boxer (deaf from on merely one ear) is found to be  22% in the United State. Hence, as a whole approximately 25 – 30 percent of white boxer dogs are deaf.

White boxer health issues

There is a general myth regarding the white boxer health issues. According to this myth, they suffer from more health issues as compared to other boxers. The fact is that there is no clinical evidence found that whiter boxers are at high risk of getting health problems. There are a number of health problems such as thyroid problems, cancer and cardiomyopathy and other illness which are distributed among boxers of all breeds.

While the particular health consideration which they may experience is the enhanced risk of sunburn.

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