Boxer Dog age and diseases

Boxer dog is although a medium-sized dog but unfortunately, like many larger dog species, the boxer dog has a shorter life span. The average life span of a boxer dog is approximately 10-12 years. This highly beloved dog was breaded first in Germany. Although, the boxer is not generally taken as a larger breed in dogs, yet an adult male boxer is considered larger, because it can attain the maximum height and weight of 25 inches at the shoulder (63 cm) and 70 pounds (32 kg). There is a consensus among the dog breeders around the globe, being the larger species, is the main reason behind the lower life expectancy of the boxer breed.

boxer dog diseases Cancer, the root cause of the short life of Boxer dog

The leading cause of the short life span of the boxer dog is the cancer disease. It is estimated that half of the dog population over 10 years in the world suffer from cancer in that stage of their lives. Normally, the dogs are observed with malignant lymphoma (a tumor of the lymph nodes), mast cell tumors (skin cancer), mammary gland tumors, breast cancer, soft tissue sarcoma and bone cancer effects. In case of the boxer dogs, Cancer is also the root cause for their shorter lives. Almost 40% of boxer dogs are died in the world for the cancer disease. However, of such case is detected earlier, it is curable.

Chaos in the nervous system is also a reason

Nervous break-down or mental chaos is also another reason which affects the boxer dog and may lead it to the death. Although, this cannot be avoided mostly as the mentally sick dog is dangerous to the human lives, yet there are certain precautions that can avoid this sickness. Always try to keep your boxer dog cleaner and its skin and teeth to be brushed regularly. Proper cleaning will make the life of your boxer dog longer.

Any wound or injury resulting into Trauma

If unfortunately, your boxer dog is having any wound or injury on its body which might result in Trauma; it can also be severely dangerous to its life. Adopting the appropriate safety measures, while traveling or going outside with your boxer dog, will definitely help you preventing from this reason. Always be careful and cautious, so no tragic incident could provide your darling boxer with an alarming injury.  If your dog has a history of trauma, you must never ignore this fact and help your boxer to counter this with confidence.

Genetic diseases in a boxer dog

Sometimes your boxer dog might also inherit some genetic disease from its predecessor. These diseases can also be so lethal or destructive in some cases. Aortic stenosis is a blood flow disorder which is occurred by a blockade from the left ventricle in the heart of boxers. It can also be genetically transmitted to the boxer dog. Dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) is another genetic disease in which the heart becomes larger in its size and causes the blood pumping failure of the heart. Consequently, it can also affect the malfunctioning of the lungs, liver or any other body part of the boxer dog.

Important suggestions for the longevity in your boxer dog

For the longevity of your boxer, its cleanliness is the most important thing. Brushing their teeth is also very important. They can’t really eat well, if there is a trouble in their teeth. Keep them in stress free environment because.

The distress and sadness might prone your boxer to sickness and discomfort.  A mentally relaxed and tension-free boxer is a healthier buddy. It will live longer. Proper medications and getting your boxer vaccinated when required, will also add its lifespan.

Always maintain balanced food for your boxer and always remember; your boxer is canine specie so sugar is not a good idea for him/her. Your boxer dog is naturally an athletic and smart animal, so always avoid obesity in it. Over-weighing is always dangerous to its health. A food with the lower quantity of calories will also prevent from being fatty. Maintaining a cordial relationship and strengthening an affectionate bond with your boxer will make him/her satisfied with life and it will love for longer period.

Environment and its role on the lifespan of boxer

A boxer owner must always remember that the life span of his or her boxer is also dependant upon the environment, circumstances or the lifestyle as well. Fear-free environment is always a confidence boaster for the boxer dog and it enjoys a longer life. Some owners also become negligent about the diet of their boxer or by not giving them the required exercises.

This can be really harmful for your beloved pet. Your boxer dog deserves a balanced and healthy diet. It is always better to chart the food schedule for your boxer. In case, your boxer is suffering from a medical problem, right attention should be paid and proper vet must be consulted in this regard. Right medication on the right time can also enhance the life span of your boxer dog. A boxer dog’s rambunctiousness must also be controlled in efficient manner in its young age.

Exercise as we have mentioned earlier, is also a highly beneficial thing for the health and life of the boxer. If you can afford, in addition to the daily walk, you may also arrange some exercise equipment that will be equally good for your boxer. Possessing a playful nature, such equipment will increase its joy and it will make the exercise the part of its life by using it.

Some boxer dogs do not feel comfortable while exercising alone, so if a companion dog is arranged with his/her exercising schedule, it will make him/her content while performing exercise. It is also pertinent to mention in the last lines, the boxer has the blood line of the strong minded working dog, so it requires the right guidance in a persuasive method. If you’ll continuously remain in touch with him/her, it will always be helpful for our boxer dog in overcoming its weaknesses and it will enjoy a fantastic life-style.

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