Boxer Dog Acne

Acne better known as Acne Vulgaris, is a kind of skin disease involving the oil glands located in the roots of hair follicles. Acne is not considered a dangerous disease but it can cause scarring on skin. Acne might be with balmy effects causing occasional pimples, with inflammatory papules or in harsh condition with nodules and cysts. In all types, the treatment methodology can be different. Acne can affect the dog breeds in the same way as it affects a human.

If a young dog is affected from acne then it can get rid of it in the age of adulthood. But sometimes it can attack again. Acne results in the emergence of black or white headed pimples along the chin, lips, chest, or genital area of a dog. If acne becomes irritating or annoying, sometimes it might also cause the emission of disgusting fluids as well.

Boxer Dog Acne

Acne problem in a boxer dog

Boxer dog breed is prone to Acne which is caused by hormonal disproportions. These hormonal disproportions can be harmonized with age of a boxer dog but in some cases, they tend to continue even in the age of puberty. Acne in a boxer dog largely depends upon its living conditions and environmental circumstances. However, the breakout of pimples in a boxer dog is also taken as a normal episode of adolescence as well.

In the other aging period, acne can be due to variations in hormones or an allergic reaction to a food, bacteria, or poor hygiene. In all these cases, regular cleansing and bathing of a boxer dog can keep it safe from the harms of acne. If acne has affected the area around the mouth of a boxer dog then it could be due to the usage of poor dental hygiene. Using an appropriate tooth-brush and a regular dental treat will help in this regards.

Symptoms of Acne in a boxer dog

If acne in a boxer dog is causing scars then it requires proper attention of such boxer dog’s owner. Sometimes the pimples grow big and a boxer dog starts teasing or itching and resultantly there could be the appearance of red bumps. There can be an infection as well due to bumps and black-heads.

If your boxer dog is continuously rubbing its face with the things within its range like furniture or carpets and if you are feeling some swelling then it could also be due to acne. Puss can also be developed in the lesions from bacterial invasion and these lesions can be distressing to such boxer dog if touched. In all such symptoms, the acne should be treated in time otherwise the pimples can keep popping up for a long.

Reasons of acne in a boxer dog

Although nobody is sure, what exact causes acne in a boxer dog. Yet, there can be several reasons for the outbreak of acne in a boxer dog. Sometimes, acne is the outcome of genetics in a boxer dog as it can be transmitted from any of the affected parent. The rising of androgen level which is a kind of hormone during the adolescent period can be another reason.

If this level is raised excessively then the oil glands existing under the boxer dog’s skin also become enlarged and produce more oil. In all this process, bacterial activity can be generated and it might result in the eruption of pimples and ultimately can cause acne in a boxer dog. If there is stress, anxiety and traumatic effects on your boxer dog, it can also result in shape of occurrence of acne.

Diagnosis of acne in a boxer dog

A proper vet will take some essential test to make sure if a boxer dog is actually suffering from acne disease. There can be multiple types of skin diseases so the vet needs to be absolutely sure about determining it as acne. Normally, the vet will want to know the historic facts about the beginning of appearance of lesions in the start.

The main goal of diagnosing and treating acne in a boxer dog is resolve the irritation issues to a boxer dog, knocking out any bacterial or fungal activity and to curb the intermittent break-outs. The diagnosis of acne is wholly dependent upon the expertise of the vet as in the early stages of the condition, the canine acne cannot be figured out.

Treatment of acne in a boxer dog

The type of the treatment for acne in a boxer dog is reliant upon the severity of the condition. First of all the most important thing is to control the habits of a boxer dog like scratching, teasing the other pets or rubbing the chin with carpets and furniture can be fruitful in this regards. If there is lot of moisture in dwelling place of your boxer dog and in its surrounding then it can cause the generation of many bacteria that can cause acne.
Applying the benzoyl peroxide shampoo or gel during cleansing as recommended by your dog’s doctor can be a good idea. Furthermore, the veterinarian can prescribe some assertive types of creams, lotions or ointments that can be applied to the affected skin area routinely as per the recommendation.

There is another choice available to the vet for the treatment in shape of Glucocorticoid anti-inflammatory medications to cure acne problem in a boxer dog. Additionally, some vets might also suggest some kind of relevant oral medicines and their duration is also depending upon the acne situation on an affected dog. Empiric antibiotic treatment is also another way to eliminate the acne disorders in a boxer dog. Usually, with all these treatment methods and if a boxer dog is reached to adulthood, then issues of acne might get resolved.

However in some cases, this problem continues with the life of a boxer dog and the life-long treatment is continued. This is highly recommended to act upon the exact advice of the vet during the treatment, as many of these medications can put dangerous types of side effects on a boxer dog as well.

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