How to cure Boxer dog Hiccups

How to cure Boxer dog Hiccups

Just like humans, dogs also tend to get hiccups.  Whether small acute hiccups or for a longer duration, this might put your boxer dog in an uncomfortable situation. Frequent muscular contraction and slight pain in the throat can occur which normally stops after a few minutes.  The time for concern is when the breathing becomes … Read more

Why Do Boxer Dogs Sit on Each Other? Or Sit on You!

Why Do Boxer Dogs Sit on Each Other

They cherish to cuddle on your sofa, they tend to behave childish, ooops …., they’ll never grow up; they are sweet rascals always loving to jump on you and sit on you! We’re talking about mischievous and rowdy boxers. A person among us, against whom all the playful facts are not un-folded, might get strange … Read more

Boxer Dog Stomach and Intestinal Blockage

Boxer Dog

When the flow of the nutrients is restrained by a blockage during the ingestions in the body then such obstruction is called ‘intestine blockage’, which can be partial or in some cases the entire system can be collapsed even. In simple words, it can be defined or referred as the ‘gastrointestinal obstruction’ which disturbs the … Read more

Hypothyroidism in Boxer Dogs-Thyroid Problems

Hypothyroidism in Boxer Dogs

Hypothyroidism and thyroid problem are  common among all dog breeds and all diseases related to the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is known to perform various functions and in which, the topmost is to administer the metabolism by creating thyroid hormones. When there is deficiency of the production of thyroid hormones, Hypothyroidism occurs. In case … Read more

Seizures in boxer dog

Seizures in boxer dog

Seizures are actually incidental circumstances occurring due to mental and brain complications. An unexpected and hasty electrical activity is generated in the brain which causes seizures in boxer dog brain. It can be sometimes causing convulsions as well but not in all cases. Seizures can be further categorized into two kinds, focal seizures which are … Read more

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