When Boxer dog has loose skin?

If you are looking for information when Boxer has loose skin and Does it normal for a Boxer to have loose skin? Then you should read this article. We will discuss the main reasons, its main causes that when Boxer has loose skin and how to prevent it. After reading this article, you will be able to understand more about the Boxer dogs.
There are many issues that a Boxer puppy has to face with loose skin, but their owners normally notice it when he stay at the home for several months. According to some people loose skin is the identification of mature and adult puppy. Some people thinks that the loose skin of dog is the sign that the he is purebred.

Does it normal to have loose skin for a Boxer?

boxer dog lose skinYes, 99.9% it is ok, but the below mentioned details will make you understand this in detail.
Globally, the Breed Standards are totally different and misleading when we talk about AKC standard. There are three main things that normally considered regarding the tight skin of boxer dog.


The size of ideal Boxer is medium with short back, solid limbs, and tight coat. His muscles are not only clean, but also hard, and smooth under the stiff skin.

2- Neck Body:

Neck and muscles are normally clean and deprived of unnecessary hanging skin.

3- Coat;

The coat is normally short, shiny, smooth and tight then the body.

CKC standard;

The below mentioned are the CKC standard regarding the skin:

Coat and Color –

The puppy at the CKC have short Coat, shiny and smooth skin and tight body.


Their head should normally clean and free from the deep wrinkles. But yes, folds normally appear on their forehead when they straight their ears.


Their Neck are normally round, lengthy, not short; strong, muscular and spotless without dewlap (loose skin hanging down the Boxer dog’s neck).

UK standard;

When it comes to the UK standard, the below mentioned 4 snippets are normally considered.

General Appearance;

Great graciousness, smooth and medium-sized coat, strong bone and well developed muscles

Head and skull;

Their skull are completely covered, wrinkle free and Creases on the nose root.


Round, lengthy, strong, muscular, clean and no dewlap.


Short, sleek and tight as compared to the body.

FCI standard;

When it comes to the (FCI), they normally follow the below mentioned 3 snippets according to the dog’s skin:

General Appearance;

The Boxer is a medium sized, charming coated and sturdy body.


Clean, wrinkle free, natural folds in the alert condition.


Dry, flexible without any sort of wrinkles.

What is the meaning of all these?

According to one believe, if a Boxer fulfill all the standards, then absolutely he is not only strong, but also have a super tight coat and no wrinkles at folds and forehead. But they normally have creases from nose to muzzle. Above mentioned features are not sufficiently describe the typical Boxer throughout the States like Canada and UK.

You should know that the ideal Boxer dog standards varies from country to country. The perfect dog word only exist in the books, not in reality.

The boxer dog normally get the ideal appearance in his adult age not in the younger age. Eligibility of the Boxer dog varies from county to county. For example, in the US, the dog must be of 6 months to participate in the show event. In the UK, it is important for the dog to receive 3 (CC) Challenge Certificates from the judges to become the champion dog.

When it comes to the age, he should be 1 year old and he is the participant of junior ‘puppy classes. Apart from the above mentioned features, the physical traits of the boxer dog counts a lot. For example, his body should be lean, sleek and muscled.You should keep in your mind that the American boxer dogs normally have tighter skin than the UK or European dogs, however some Boxers are a mixture of two other types, but loose skin attribute is not considered in any of these types.

The main issue only revolves around the age. From birth to 1 year old, it is quite ok for the Boxer puppy to have loose skin around the neck area. But when he turn out to be adult, his skin become tightened and looks more visible when he looks down. For proper notice, you should grab him from the scruff, then you will find that his skin can be easily handled from the body and pliable.

But on the other hand, there are some Boxers that have loose skin all over the body for example back. As I mentioned above that their skin is loose, so you can slightly lift it, but after sometime it will settle back down to his place. If it doesn’t happen, then it means that your dog is suffering from the dehydration condition.  Skin and the neck area the specific, but you may wonder that their tightness around the world varies according to the standards.

This is completely ok and normal; because when Boxer matures and grows, his skin also grows. Besides it, his frame muscles also become developed, the skin becomes sneer and the coat become tighter and shiny. It takes time for a Boxer dog to build his adult look. But when he becomes 1 year old, he started changing and when he became 2 years old, his skin becomes tighter.

Quality Boxer dogs have some loose skin around the neck and forehead, thick jowls, have floppy ears and super tight, pulled face. Older Boxers have loose skin, lose muscle mass because of the age. They are normally less active and gradual decrease muscle definition which results in the sag skin.

To conclude, there are some Signs When Boxer has loose skin for example, red or irritated skin, discharge released from skin and bad odor. For the loose skin try to keep it dry and clean. Only wash it with shampoo and give a try to the antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication to treat the infection.

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