Boxer Dog size – Basic Info

Wanted to know about the Boxer Dog size? Well, they have the medium sized dog, bred in Germany, and have short, square shaped skulls, powerful jaws which help him to grab prey in the large ratio. Over hundred years they exist, but some people disagree with their name origins. In this article, we’ll take a look at some basic information on Boxer Dog size, as well as how you can recognize yourself with some other characteristic of the Boxer Dog.

Expected Size for every Breed Standard

boxer dog sizeAccording to the AKC guidelines, the size of adult’s boxer dog varies from every Breed Standard;


The weight of the Adult Boxer Dog size normally falls from 60- 70 pounds (27- 32 kg). Their height, which starts from the shoulder falls from 22- 25 inches (56-63 cm)


The weight of the Adult females Boxer Dog normally range between 55- 65 pounds (25-29 kg). Their height falls under the 21 to 24 inches (53 to 61 cm). 24 to 55 pounds is the ideal weight of the female Adult Boxer Dog, but some people thinks that 21 inches- 65 pounds are also the ideal weight.

This means that both of them are categorized under the ideal standard, besides it the female boxer dog should be stocky, taller and leaner. The inches of the female boxer dog varied according to their structures. When it comes to the neck size of the adult Boxer dog, 13 to 22 inches is considered to be the perfect one.

Docked tail and cropped ears;

Boxer dogs normally have the docked tail and cropped ears, although in Germany it is becoming illegal due to the animal rights. Vigorous are the other name of the boxers which means that energy level is high in them and they prefer to do bigger things. While running they shot across the yard, they play hard and take the huge bites of the eatable items. All of these characteristics makes them funnier but on the other hand handful.

Strong predatory instincts;

The boxer dog doesn’t use their strong predatory instincts in the wrong way and doesn’t feel any risk from their family members or guests, so they categories in the excellent watchdogs. They are also capable of chasing the small creatures like rabbits and cats. Only birds can dominate their attention on long walks. If you have a park nearby your home than boxer dogs are perfect for you.

Boxer Dog Body;

When it comes to the Body of a Boxer Dog, they have the strong musculature of their neck, without added hanging skin, muscled chest without any noticeable description. The ribs are normally smoothly, and its shape is not the barrel.

Boxer Dog Color:

Fawn or brindle are the two colors that are available in the Boxer Dog. Fawn Boxer’s color is normally falling from tan to dark and red-colored. When it comes to the bridle boxers, their background is normally fawn, black stripes that put over the fawn color. Varying stripes amounts is very common in the Brindle Boxers, from light black to dark black.

As I mentioned above that varying degrees of white markings are normally seen on the Boxer body, which is normally called flash. For the purpose of presentation, the body of the boxer dog is normally covered with the flash. Completely white boxer dogs are not allowed to take part in the show because many people protest it.

Main characteristics of boxer dog;

Devoted Boxer, Dogs have a long list of attributes and traits that include: Alert, Boisterous, fully energetic, Brave, Courageous, Devil, Devoted, Dignified, Exuberance, Family oriented, Fearless, Friendly, Hearing, trained, Intelligent, Loving, Loyal, Tolerant, failed to swim, Playful, Quick learner, Smart, Spirited, Vigilant, Working and Wonderful.

Four elements that impact on the Boxer Dogs Size;

• When breeders bred are especially ready for the show, the smaller size scale is normally used to measure the size of dogs.
• When Boxers are not preferred for the show, then the appearance of the boxer dog is normally referred. But the standard size range of the dogs is recommended. These type of dogs are more bulky then the other dogs.

• The ultimate size of the dog is totally depends upon the two things. First, from where you are purchasing your boxer and which breeding program you are following for his growth. If you are show line breeders, then I’m sure that you have many wonderful puppies and many people convince you to sell these dogs.

• Your Boxer dog are of 60 pounds, then he is still undergoing from the growth stage. At the age of 17 months the boxer dog is of 50 pounds normally.

• We can’t determine the final size of the Boxer dog for several years, because at the age of 18 months to 24 months their height and weight both remains increase. According to many people, after 24 months their growth procedure doesn’t stop. After attaining the full height, the Boxer remains undergo from the growth procedure till 2 to 3 years.
• During the training procedure, it is normally recommended to add the daily walk of 20-30 minute, cardio, and other normal activities to make your dog more powerful.

To conclude, Boxer Dog size and the characteristics vary from boxer to boxer. If you have not planned yet about showing your boxer, then you shouldn’t consider the above-mentioned characteristics.

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