Boxer Dog Water and Drinking Issues

We know why you are up here in this article? Definitely, for finding the answer to the query about; the health and drinking issues of your beloved boxer dog. You are right. A serious boxer dog owner is always having a candid approach for the health and safety of his/her dog. So we’ll try to elaborate the details in this article to make you understand, of what significant points, you should be aware of, related to ‘Boxer dog water and drinking issues’.
boxer dog drinking water issues

Safe water drinking is equally important as balanced diet

Yes, if you are providing a healthy and balanced diet to your boxer but you aren’t arranging safe and protected water or not giving appropriate quantity of water to your boxer dog, then you are not fulfilling your whole obligation. It is as important for a boxer dog as it is to you. Water is life and its main function is not only to quench the thirst, but it also carries some critical nutrients that are ultimately transported to the cells existing in the boxer’s body. Those nutrients shall be helpful in streamlining the digestion system and their adequate absorption. If suitable water and it’s in-time supply is not provided to your boxer, it will soon become dehydrated and woozy. Remember: Your treasured boxer can survive only for 2-3 days without water.

Suitable water quantity for the Boxer dog

To understand further the topic comprehensively, ‘Boxer dog, water and drinking issues’, it is the first perquisite for the boxer dog owner, he/she must understand the quantity level for their boxer dog. Well, it really depends upon the physique, environment and the daily movement of the boxer dog. On an average, we can give you an estimate; the boxer dog needs 368.544 milliliter (almost 13-14 imperial ounces) of water daily. However, this quantity can be slightly changed depending upon the prevailing conditions up to 25-30%.

For further understanding, if your boxer dog is of 9 Kg, it will need 0.80 liters of water every day. Similarly, if it weighs 18 Kg, then 1.5 liters and if 23 kg then almost 2 liters of water daily would be the daily water drinking requirement. Good healthy boxer dog of 30-35 kg will need, approximately 3 liters of water for drinking per day. So this is obvious, your boxer dog is frequently desirous to quench its thirst. Often looking for water and always dehydrating it.

If your boxer demands excessive water, it needs medical attention

Never ignore if your boxer dog is demanding even more than the above mentioned and elaborated measures details. It can have some medical and health issues in such cases and the vet must be consulted without any delay. Unnecessary thirst in boxer dog is termed as ‘Polydipsia’ and it can be for many reasons and diseases. In case of a diabetic boxer dog, this symptom can be observed easily. The variation in the eating attitude might occur, there can be weight loss and the boxer dog might seem week.

Sometimes the dizziness also leads towards liver problems. If the colour of urination is abnormal, bleeding with urination, diarrhea with vomiting, then there could be some kidney issues. In all such cases, boxer dog will be eager to search for drinking water increasingly. Even the abnormality in the water drinking behavior can be developed, if your boxer dog is a cancer patient or if there is some stomach issue existing in your boxer dog.

Walk with your boxer; but always with water

It is always good, if your boxer dog is involved in performing useful exercises and it is a regular outside visitor for walk. But it should never remain without water for long. Boxer dog, water and drinking issues can be faced if it is without hydration for a longer period.

Train your boxer dog to drink with patience

Fast and mouthful attempts, quick gulping at the drinking water can be dangerous and harmful for your boxer dog. Always be careful, before providing your boxer dog with meal, it should be diligent drinker. After eating the food even, if it is drinking water hastily, it can have many gastric troubles and other stomach diseases ultimately leading to bloating. Train your boxer dog for consuming water with patience.

Quality of drinking water for your boxer dog is really important

Always prefer fresh drinking water for your boxer dog. The tap water can be contaminated and can be hazardous especially in the areas, where there is scarcity of fresh water. If your boxer dog will drink the tap water for months and for years, it will gradually destroy its health. If you, yourself are not comfortable for drinking the tap water, and you are preferring safe bottled water, then you must apply the same rule for your darling boxer dog. Nowadays, there are many companies offering their bottled water with a claim being healthy liquid for the pets.

Water filtration facility must be installed at home

If buying the expensive drinking water is not affordable for you, then at least you should have proper water filtration facility installed at your home. By changing the filters on regular basis, you can provide your boxer dog healthy and safe drinking water. You can also go for using a canine watering system that filters and purifies the drinking water. However, it is recommended, in the young age, when your boxer is passing through the puppy hood, the extra care is good and you can purchase the water in sufficient amount in gallons.

In the nutshell, after reading this article about Boxer dog, water and drinking issues’, you would had learnt, the safe and healthy drinking is of dire importance for the health and safety of your boxer dog. Always keep a constant check on the drinking behavior and habits of your boxer dog, and if you find any abnormality, then never become negligent and consult with a qualified vet. The quantum and quality of the drinking water plays the most vital role in the healthful upbringing of your boxer dog.

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