Boxer Dog Origin, History and Ancestors

Boxer Dog Origin, History and Ancestors

When we see a charming personality and strong appearance of Boxer dog then many questions regarding Boxer Dog Origin, History and Ancestors hit our mind. Do you know that Boxers were a part of the army in  World World I and World War II? They have record-breaking speed and amazing strength that is commendable. Let … Read more

Boxer Puupy

boxer puppy

Boxer puppy is an awesome buddy. So adorable, delightful and high-spirited in its character. They are highly rated among the puppy-lovers for many of their distinguished features. In this article, we’ll describe the important features of the boxer puppies and some caring instructions recommended for parenting a boxer puppy. Size and weight Although, there is … Read more

Adult boxer dog

adult boxer

Boxer dog is a super-striking soul full of charm, fascination and grace. Strong look, powerful jaw, noble conscience and impressive companion-ship, all these you can have in your pet, if you have a boxer at your home. An adult boxer is medium-sized with flat body and normally coming in fawn, brindle, with or without white … Read more

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