Boxer Dogs Face Appearance and health

Do you know how a Boxer Dogs Face Appearance typically looks like? Well, let me define it properly. They usually have a medium-sized, stocky breed with a flat and short haired coat in the fawn color and brindle deprived of any markings. However, some Boxer Dogs found with white bellies and flash on their paws. Flash are normally known as the white markings because the coloring appears on the dog’s neck and face. “Flashy” dogs are the other name of these dogs. Want to know more about the boxer dog? Then there are things that you should know about Boxer Dogs Face Appearance.

Face concerns;

boxer dog faceWhite boxer dogs have to suffer with the problems like humans. These types of dogs have to face the high risk of sunburns, skin cancers and other disorders of these types. Additionally, Boxer Dogs have a parti-color DNA that is responsible for two things to these dogs. First, it is liable for the additional white pigmentation in the dogs. Second, it is also responsible for the deafness deficiency that takes place in these dogs during birth. When it comes to the aural nerve cells in these dogs, it is normally damaged, and this is the main reason that the ear of the boxer dogs is normally deaf.

Size and Weight;

Shoulder inches of the Male and Female Boxer Dogs falls between 21.5 and 23.5. 23 and 25 inches are the preferred height of the male Boxer dog. 60 pounds is the average weight for females Boxer Dogs, and 70 pounds are preferred for the Male Boxer Dogs. In the show, no ineligibility is preferred for the size.

Coat and Color;

Boxers are normally called as the muscular dogs, which skin is tight-fitting. When it comes to their coats, they are normally short, smooth and its maintenance is so much easy.

Longest Tongue!

The Boxer Dog normally have the Longest Tongue. These types of dog are normally known as the Brandy featured due to her unbelievable 17-inch long tongue!
Brindle and fawn are the two colors that come in Boxers. Fawn shade fall in the light tan form and also considered to be the deep mahogany. Brindles fall under the tiger-similar pattern in contradiction of a fawn background. They also appear in the solid colors and also have white markings on the belly and feet.

White structure and color are common in more than 30% of the Boxer dog. Plain colored Boxers are referred to as solid and flashy name is specifically for those dogs in which white markings extend toward their face. These types of dogs also have a black mask on their face. Boxers that comes with the extreme white markings are normally deaf, and approximately 18-20% of the Boxers are born deaf.

Grooming Requirements;

The Boxer’s short coat is free from fuss. These dogs are properly clean, and they groom themselves just like the cats. Weekly brushing is normally preferred to these dogs to keep their shedding under control, and infrequent rubs with a chamois cloth are preferred to keep their coat shiny. Boxer’s demands bath according to their requirement, which is normally happen after three or four months.

Personality and temperament;

Although the Boxer dogs are not only loyal, but also intelligent, on the other hand, they are obstinate, and their character is based on the self-confidence. He is normally trained to act as the obedient dog, which not only controls his liveliness and also manages his bravery in the satisfactory manner. He is considered to be the big and strong dog.

Moreover, these dogs are good-natured, distress from the pushes and urge the children with patience, accept strangers in a friendly manner, and always ready their self for a game. When it comes to their plans, it normally creates trouble for them.

Most of all, the temperament of the Boxer dog is normally even and dignified, but the touch of naughty spirit and courage is also exist in them. Violent behavior, shyness, and hyperactivity are not existed in the boxer dog. If you are one of them who want to buy the boxer dog, then you should check their parent dogs to get familiar with the unwanted traits.


When it comes to the Health of the boxer dog, unfortunately, they have to face the unlimited health issues, like hip dysplasia, bloating, aortic stenosis, digestive issues, hypothyroidism and benign tumors.
Hip dysplasia and hypothyroidism effect on the boxer dogs badly and their presence is normally determined by analyzing the breeding stock before breeding. If you have a dysplastic dog, then you shouldn’t be bred in the thyroid dogs should do carefully. If your boxer dog is facing the thyroid disease, then medicine is the best way to control it; but you can’t control the dysplasia with any medicine because it can only be treated by surgery.

Energy level;

The temperament of a boxer dog is normal activity and eager;

they are certainly not fall under the noiseless type. They prefer to use their front feet for playing and feel it affectionate to jump up at humans. Sometimes it is disheartening, particularly if young children around you. This is the first bad habit of the boxer dog, and you should consider it before buying the boxer dog. A boxer is not fallen under the silent dogs; infect it captures the attention all of your family members.

In short, The Boxer Dogs is a loving and dependable pet for you and your family. His care is easy going, intellectual level is normally high in them, physically fit, and faithful. Above mentioned some issues had been diagnosed in the Boxer Dogs. Just because of the above-mentioned reasons, it is normally recommended to buy the boxer dogs from a trustworthy breeder.

These breeders not only care the dogs but also take them for the specified tests before selling. Before selection these dogs, you have to consider the above-mentioned tips to make an excellent choice. For more information about the Boxer Dogs Face Appearance you have to contact to the boxer of these dogs, of course, they can guide you in this manner excellently.

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