Ear Cropping of boxer dogs

Are you still thinking that whether you have to crop the ears of the Boxer? If you are one of them who completely against with that statement, then I’m sure that you will be totally against to this statement. On the other hand, if you agree with the statement that cropping is good for the cropped ears for your boxer dog, then you should go for this. So, the main question is that, Should you have to crop the ears of your Boxer? Before deciding anything, you have to understand the below-mentioned facts.

Is it lawful to crop the ears of the Boxer dog?ear croping of boxers dog

There are some countries in which cropping is allowed, and in some countries, it is actual crime. Wanted to know that which countries permits you to do it and which do not? Please note that cropping regarding laws varied from country to country, but in some countries, it is totally banned. Therefore, while updating yourself with the information, you have to check the updated website, where all new rules will be mentioned without any error.

In some provinces of Canada like Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island it is totally banned to crop the ear. Other countries where ear crop is totally banned are mentioned below; Chile, Costa Rica, Hungary, India, Japan, Mexico and the United States. Additionally, Ear Cropping of boxer dogs is also not legal in many European counties including Australia, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, New Zealand and the UK.

What is the perfect definition of Cropping?

Regarding the ears cropping of the boxer dog, everyone has some questions in his mind. Well, let me define these properly. First of all, when you have to take the boxer dog for cropping? Does your living country allow to do it?

If yes, then when in which age your Boxer dog have their ears cropped? Well, if your Boxer puppy falls under the age of 10 – 12 weeks, you can take him for ear cropping. On the other hand, you can take your Boxer puppy for cropping any time. People normally prefer to crop the ears of puppy in young age, because in this age his ears are small and soft, which makes the healing process easily.

The dog is knocked out for the duration of surgery. First, it is the duty of the animal surgeon to mark the cropping area. As stated by its name, a specific part of the ear will be cut off. Once the ear is cropped, it will be stitched in a trendy manner that the ear will stand in a straight manner. Many people are totally against of that sort of ear cutting. However, you have to be careful that the dog will not experience any pain during the surgery.

After Ear Cropping of boxer dogs, he has to face the discomfort situation up to 3 weeks, but later the ears will be totally healed. It is best to place the Small paper cones for ear protection.

If you are the owner of boxer dog, then you have to consult with the veterinarian on how to properly heal the ears in short time. If you are done with the Boxer’s ears cropping, then it is important to follow the aftercare tips related to the precise. If due to any issue you will not follow these tips, the chances of occurring damaging will be there.

The main reasons behind Ear Cropping of boxer dogs?

Have a look at the below-mentioned reasons to understand the importance of Cropped Boxer’s Ears;
  • In numerous countries, cropped ears are the other name of the Boxer. Some dog owners feel that it is important to be done since the breed is too small and they should maintain his breed standard.
  • Some dog owners believe on the statement that the Boxer breed doesn’t have the controlled ears, and the ear cropping makes their ear strong and straight.
  • In the U.S. cropping is legal, so the people thinks that the ear cropping of the puppy should be done in the young age. However, according to the recent trends many dog owners prefer to keep the ear of puppy natural.
  • I recommend consulting with the experienced veterinarian, if you are considering to crop the ears of your dog. Because bad cropping is responsible for the infection and visual issues such as excess ears flapping. Only prefer the professional and experienced veterinarian, because he understands on how to crop the ears of different shape and sizes.
  • Ear clipping is normally called as the show crop. According to that, the Boxer’s ears shouldn’t be the outstanding feature or focal point. Rater size, set and shape of the ear totally changed the facial features and overall appearance of the dog.
  • There are many issues that are normally occurred due to the thick ear flap. Boxer dogs who have the thick or too heavy ears should consult with the good veterinarian in advance.
  • In some cases, to eliminate the excessive flap, a vet will slip up the caution side, which normally leads to a 2nd cropping and also makes the appearance better.
  • The price of ear cropping is normally done between $300 and $600. Yes sometimes you have to pay the additional costs for checkups procedures.

    Is it important for the Boxer dog to have cropped ears to enter the Dog Shows?

No, not at all. But according to many people cropped ears is important for the Dog Shows. As I mentioned above that the cropped ears are the sign of boxer dog, so somehow it is important for the reorganization.

Should you take your dog for the Ear Cropping?

Well, it is your personal decision. Cropping is not recommendable clinically because it creates the infections. Many Dog shows prefer the natural ears of the Boxer.
Before Ear Cropping of boxer dogs, we suggest that you should carefully think about this issue and also consult with the veterinarian.

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