Chihuahua Boxer Mix

When it comes to the designer breeds then how can one forget the  Chihuahua Boxer Mix! It is a hybrid dog breed which is produced by the crossing of two adorable dog breeds. The breeding of Boxer dog and Chihuahua dog lead to the origin of Chihuahua boxer Mix. It is also known as Boxachi.

You can make a decision about having this pet at your home after knowing about the details of this bread. Let’s explore about the Boxer and Chihuahua Mix Appearance,  Chihuahua Boxer Mix Weight and Height, Diseases in  Chihuahua Boxer Mix, and Average Lifespan of Boxer and Chihuahua Mix.

Chihuahua Boxer Mix Appearance:

Chihuahua Boxer MixThis dog breed is recognized by the DRA (Dog Registry of America, Inc.). Boxador is the dog which has wrinkled face, short legs, and curled tail. The ears of this hybrid dog breed are semi-folded. It has a short muzzle. These medium size dogs have beautiful eyes, which can be either round or almond in appearance. The coat of  Chihuahua Boxer Mix is straight, short and glossy. The coat of this designer breed comes in several colors such as light brown, brindle, dark brown, tan, golden.

Chihuahua Boxer Mix Weight and Height:

Chihuahua Boxer Mix is a watchdog. The Chihuahua Boxer Mix is light in weight. These dogs are small to medium in height. When it comes to temperament, then this designer breed seems to be a lovely dog breed. It is an alert dog which is brave and playful. It is fun to play with Boxer and Chihuahua Mix as they actively take part in games and activities. These are affectionate dogs and their behavior with kids is good.

Average Lifespan of Chihuahua Boxer Mix:

The average lifespan of this fabulous dog breed is from 10 years to 15 years. These courageous dogs depict good temperament to other pets, especially if they are brought together. Feed the dog with about 21/2 to 3 cups of the meal. Avoid providing the food having chemicals in it. It provides the clever expression. Keep the dogs inside the home during the hot summers.

Diseases in Chihuahua Boxer Mix:

Chihuahua Boxer Mix are not hypoallergenic. It is a lovely dog breed which is suitable for new owners too. They are easy to care. The shedding of this intelligent dog breed is average.  Take your pet to the morning walk. Take care of its diet and provide a meal to them in little portions. Taking the pet to the vet is of keen significance as it helps the owner to know about the health status of the dog. Allow them to socialize at an early stage of its life.

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