Boxer Pug Mix

When the pug dog is crossed with boxer dog, then a mixed breed is produced. This mixed breed is known as Boxer Pug Mix. Boxer Pug Mix is also regarded as Poxer. You would defiantly have enormous queries about this dog breed such as about the shedding, temperament, behavior, aggression, behavior at a stranger, barking, appearance, weight, height etc.

Let’s address some of the most common queries in this guide about the Boxer Pug Mix. It includes Boxer Pug Mix Appearance, Boxer Pug Mix Weight and Height, Average Lifespan of a Boxer Pug Mix,  and Diseases in Boxer Pug Mix.

Boxer Pug Mix Appearance:

When it comes to Poxer appearance, then it is found out that it has a small face. Similarly, the muzzle is also short. The skin contains folds. These are amazing watchdogs. The body of Boxer Pug Mix is short. These are affectionate dogs having an amazing temperament. They are friendly in nature and has a cute face. Their tail can be curly or straight. The hair of Poxer is short in appearance. However, the color may be either light or dark.

Boxer Pug Mix Weight and Height:

Poxer is not an aggressive dog breed. Rather, it produces welcoming sound when seeing any person coming. The owners of the Poxer dog are quite blessed and lucky as their dog won’t bite and bark much. These are the dogs having good energy. They wag their tail as a gesture of welcoming the person. They are polite dogs that should be trained and socialize early in their life. The weight of Poxer dog can reach up to 26 pounds. Taking care of dog’s feed and providing it the nutritious meal would aid in maintaining the normal weight of Boxer.

Average Lifespan of a Boxer Pug Mix:

boxer pug mixThey generally have a life expectancy of about 13 years. It is a good choice for apartment living. They generally eat a lot. They love and enjoy the food. Hence, it has the potential to become obese easily as it cannot control the quantity of the meal. A good thing to know about this designer breed is that it does not drool much. They require a strict master for the training purpose. It is because that it might depict some mischievous behavior during training.

Diseases in Boxer Pug Mix:

When it comes to the heath, then the owners of the Boxer Pug Mix dog need to take a sigh of relief as their dog won’t bother much in terms of health. Boxer Pug Mix does not suffer from a huge number of diseases. They are relatively healthier. They do not suffer from allergies too. They have a flat face and this is the reason that the eyes of the dog are prone to injury.

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