Female Boxer dog

Muscly and hearty boxers are becoming popular day by day for their jauntiness and cheerfulness. The boxer is a medium-sized dog breed with a short back, glossy skin, and powerful limbs. Boxer dog breed falls under the working-dogs category that was firstly developed in Germany as guard-dogs. The adult male boxer can reach up to 25 inches tall while it can gain weight up to 20 lbs.

But in this article, we’ll try to cover the characteristics of female Boxer dog in detail which is comparatively smaller in height and lighter in weight than its male equivalent. The male boxer dogs express aggression and onslaught behaviors to other males normally while the female boxer dog can be real threatening and intrusive when it is having puppies.

Female Boxer Puppy

female boxer dogTo go in further details about the female boxer dog, let’s understand something about the female boxer puppy that carries some differences than the male one. The female boxer puppy is also a cute young dog but as compare to the male boxer puppy, it can be slightly less affectionate towards its owner.

It doesn’t mean, the female boxer pup is lesser in loyalty than the male boxer pup, but the female boxer pup can be a little distant, aloof and laid-back than the male one. You can say, the female boxer dog is little more headstrong and moody also.

Not angry most of the time, but temperamental and crabby in nature. It can be in comical and spirited one day and the next day it might seem quite reserved and disinterested. Normally, the male boxer pups continue their youthful attitudes for longer periods while the female boxer puppy becomes grown and sophisticated in its approach soon. Unlike the male boxer pups, in their adolescence they are more developed and cultivated. Although they are also social like the male boxer pups, but in some way, sometimes a female boxer pup might feel annoyance or discomfort while mixing with other female pups.

When a female boxer pup becomes adult?

2 years of age in boxer dogs is almost equivalent to 18 years of age in humans, so a female boxer puppy becomes an adult in the age of 2 years.  This is a significant turning point in her life. In this age, the temperament of the female boxer becomes more evolved and mature. The mischievousness will be slightly decreased and it will be replaced with bit seriousness. Now the most important stage comes in its life, when it is ready to give birth to boxer puppies. And this stage is realized, when the female boxer dog observes the heat-cycles.

Heat cycle of a female boxer dog

In the heat cycle, the genitalia of the female boxer become more augmented.  It is to be remembered; the female boxer dogs have two heat cycles per year and each cycle lasts for about 3 weeks. During the heat cycles, they create immense attraction for the male boxer dogs and if they are kept in a multi-dogs environment, then many atrocious clashes might occur among unneutered male boxer dogs. The male boxers usually limit themselves to their own breed and mate only with female boxers. The sense to feel a female boxer dog in heat is developed among the males in the age of 6 months. The males become really belligerent to get a female and their combative behavior is more than neutered males.

Neutered males have no more sexual desire, so they are no more interested in occupying an area with urination and seeking a female boxer in heat. As it is mentioned earlier, the first heat period can be observed by a female boxer dog between the ages of 6 months old and 1 year old. Sometimes even more early as 4 months or as late as 15 months old.  If a female boxer dog doesn’t have a heat period till the age of 24 months, then it should be brought to the veterinarian for examination. It is also pertinent to mention here, the female boxer dogs observe heat cycles throughout their lives, so they don’t stop like humans.

Some suggestions for the owner during a boxer in heat period

Commonly the boxer dog owners make their female boxers spayed to control the heat cycle. In this way, the unwanted bearing of puppies is stopped. However it is always recommended, the spaying of a female boxer dog should be done by a senior and qualified vet. If some wrong and inappropriate medications are suggested by a vet, it puts harmful effects on a female dog such as the inflammation of the uterus.  Sometimes a female boxer dog may also experience pain and want to isolate itself in a peaceful corner.

Good owners always arrange dog bed for such female in a tranquil place at their home. Better is to place a towel alongside her bed. And whenever you take your female dog which is in heat outside, always be cautious for the male dogs, even if they belong to some other breeds. They can smell her from miles of distance.

During the urination, it can discharge some blood which can be leave its stink and smelled by the males. When you have a female boxer puppy which is passing through such situation, extraordinary care must be done by you to save her from un-neutered male dogs. We have already mentioned, such heat cycle can exist for 2-3 weeks; however some variation might also be there. It depends upon the body and physique of the female boxer dog.

If your female boxer dog has passed through 3-4 heat cycles, then you are in best position to estimate, for how long the heat period of your female boxer can continue. For a vigilant female boxer dog owner, it is pretty much essential to understand all important information about the heat cycle. During the heat, the female boxer dog might also go through ‘Menstruation’, in which a discharge of blood is happened due to the lining of the uterus shredding off.

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