German shepherd boxer mix

Boxer and German Shepherd Mix is not a pure breed. If you are planning to buy a Boxer and German Shepherd Boxer Mix then this guide would help you in making the right decision. Find out about the secrets, facts, and personality of this designer dog breed.

Let’s address the most common queries such as Does German Shepherd Boxer Mix Really Exist, Boxer and German Shepherd Mix Weight and Height, Average Lifespan of Boxer and German Shepherd Mix, Diseases in  German Shepherd Boxer  Mix, and Boxer and German Shepherd Mix Appearance.

Does German Shepherd Boxer Mix Really Exist?

Yes, Boxer and German Shepherd Mix really exist. This splendid dog breed was originated by the crossing of two popular and amazing dog breeds such as German Shepherd dog and Boxer dog. These are powerful and intelligent dogs which show alert behavior towards the stimulus. They fight for the protection of land and master.

German Shepherd Boxer Mix Appearance:

German Shepherd Boxer Mix is a well-known dog for its striking looks. Take out special time for your beloved pet else it would develop separation anxiety. These are excellent guard dogs which are giant in appearance. It has markings on its body, particularly at near the mouth and eyes. They have floppy ears.

German Shepherd Boxer  Mix Weight and Height:

German Shepherd Boxer MixThese large dog breeds should be fed properly in order to ensure their normal weight. The more weight can lead to obesity. Feed balanced and nutritious food that must be chemical free as well. Their average weight is about 65 lbs to 95 lbs. They may reach up to 70 lbs. They are 23 inches to 28 inches in height.

Average Lifespan of German Shepherd Boxer Mix:

The average lifespan of this designer dog breed is approximately 10 years to 13 years. They are smart dogs which are quite popular among kids. These energetic dogs demand a bit heavy physical activity or exercise.  Take out the dog with yourself for a routine morning walk and ensure to have a long walk. The owner of Boxer and German Shepherd Mix have to endure the heavy shedding of their pet. Strict brushing schedule needs to be followed. Brush their coat on a routine basis.

Diseases in German Shepherd Boxer Mix:

These demanding dogs require better care and attention. They can be prone to obesity, allergy, and other ailments. After the diagnosis of the disease, consider the treatment of your pet as early as possible. These require regular checkup in order to ensure better health of the dog. Feed the dog with a good quality meal in portions. It is hard for new owners to maintain this dog breed.

Boxer Hound Mix is a designer dog breed that is popular with the name of Boxest. Get to know amazing facts about it!

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