How to Potty Train your Boxer Dog?

When you bring your new Boxer dog home the first basic things are to set it’s routine. From eating to knowing how to Pee and excrete the feces they need to be potty trained. Let your Boxer dog understand that their new home is a safe place and a safe corner shall be given to them to visit when they feel the need. Following are a few effective ways on How to potty train your Boxer dog.

How to Potty-Train-you- Boxer-Dog-

Setup a Personal Space

They key rule on how to Potty train your Boxer dog is to give him a setup area where he could enjoy, rest and own as its personal territory. This will make him feel acceptable and will remove the fear of getting their waste products out anytime anywhere. Set up an area where they can find soft mud or sand and easily go whenever they want.

Take your Dog Outside

It becomes easy how to Potty train your Boxer dog, when you set up a routine where you can take your dog out in the open air. Young boxer dogs can’t physically hold their bodily functions for more than an hour. Rewarding and setting up a repetitive behavior will reinforce positivity. The more frequently you will take your boxer dog, he will get the proper potty training.

Observe your Boxer Dog’s signals for Relief

Keep a close watch for any signals your dog might hint when he needs to go to relieve himself. Common behavioral signs include sniffing around, pacing and circling a particular area. When you see any of these signals, you must immediately carry him outside or place him on the puppy pad. Using a puppy pad is a great way to house-train your dog inside a high-rise apartment building, if getting outside takes several minutes. Early signs include the dog showing restless behavior, making noises or trying to look for corners or soft patches.

Place a Crate near your Boxer Dog

When you’re not at home, or will be away from the dog for some time, place a crate where he can relieve himself. This option when it can’t step outside and this provides an easy and quick solution.

Train with Terms

Speak to your Boxer dog and use terms like ‘Potty Zone’, ‘Go Pee’’, ‘’Sit’’, let’s go outside’’ to train your dog how to respond and take quick action when he needs to go to the resting area. Repeat this for couple of days till the dog gets the hang of it. These tips will allow smooth ways on how to Potty Train you Boxer dog by effectively practicing and bonding with your dog.

Setup a Reward System

With frequent visits outdoor, add some treats and toys near you house door where the dog can be rewarded. They shall be rewarded for successfully eliminating outside and make this a regular routine. After the boxer dog has done it’s business, offer him small treats to eat. Praise your dog enthusiastically and offer him a small food reward each time he does his business in the designated area of the yard. Praise and reward are two highly effective ways to increase the probability that your boxer will repeat the desired behavior.

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