Important Information About American boxer dogs

Are you thinking of buying an American boxer dog? Then you should read the below mentioned basic info about them to make them right choice. Before buying Finally, ask yourself that why you need this boxer dog? For fun, housekeeping, companionship or for some specific purpose?

Body structure;

Head is the distinctive feature of these dogs, but on the other hand, it is considered to be the perfect section as compared to the rest of the body because it put on between his skull and muscles in a proper manner. This Boxer dog has a short face with loose hanging muscles in loose on both sides. When it comes to their ears, they are cropped, docked tails, but in America, it is totally banned. While the height of them vary from 21 to 25 inches and weight fall 50 to 70 pounds range of. As well as the coats are required, they are short but smooth and shiny along with the shade brown shade and white markings on face and legs.


american-boxer Other main requirements of these Boxer Dogs are a proper exercise that is be composed of the walk, running and conditioning for more than two hours each day. In other words, you can say that exercise is the daily requirement of your boxer dog to get rid of boredom, chewing and digging behaviors.


When it comes to the diet of American boxer dog, it is totally different from others. Some dog owners use the BARF diet as an addition to his/her food. Raw Food diet is also best for the dogs but make sure that it comprise of raw meat, vegetables, milk products, eggs, grains, and fruits. BARF can be served to the dogs with other food products. You shouldn’t add yogurt to his diet plan.

No dough that it keep your boxer fit, but on the other hand, it is bad for his digestion. However, it may happen that your boxer has some allergies to yogurt and dairy products too. Raisins and grapes in large quantities are not good for your dog because it can cause acute kidney failure.

Some people thinks that boxers don’t need regular exercise, but in reality, they required it to stay fit, in shape and to stay away from the boredom behaviors. But keep one thing in your mind that over-exercise can damage their bone.
Each American boxer dog is not different from other when it comes to diet and care. According to the vet, a proper nutritious and hearty diet food is very important for them. By giving healthy diet to your boxer dog, you can keep him healthy mental and physically.

Children safety;

We all knows that Boxer dogs are famous for their courage and strong appearance, but on the other hand, they are best for fun, friendly with children, harmless for the family and also very protective.

Health problems;

American Boxer dogs are disposed to cancers, hypothyroidism, hip dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy, bloat, intestinal problems, food allergies and heart conditions. Sunburn risks and skin cancers ratio are very higher in American dogs as compared to the colored Boxers. Some of them are deaf from ears.

If your dog is experiencing the various health problems, then you should treat them properly, but on the other hand, you should diagnose them. For example, hip dysplasia and thyroid issues are the important dog health problems, and you should solve them in advance.

Strong personalities;

Apart from the above mentioned characteristics, these dogs are energetic, playful and friendly with families and children. The dog owners should train them when they experience the puppy age to make their personality strong. Second, when they become older it is harder for the owner to train them. Their reputation are not much good during training and just because of this reason they are considered to be very disobedient.

Due to the intelligence characteristics they respond properly during training. Boxer’s acts like a teenage until they get fully mature to two or three years which is why they are training by their owners in early age. While the boxer dogs are not aggressive, but sometimes they get over-protective and dominating to their family members which is the main reason of destructive behavior in male dogs. Training make them socialized, friendly and active.

Familiar colors of boxer dogs?

When it comes to the familiar colors of American dogs they are normally fawn and brindle along with the white front on feet. These white markings can be in any color for example, yellow, reddish, and mahogany, red and dark blonde. Some boxers comes with the white markings on their coat, so they are called as white American Boxer dogs.

Uses of American boxer dog;

These Boxer dogs are best for training, hunting, guarding dogs and for performance. They are also known as courier dogs which are used by people during World War. Boxer training differ from other dog trainings because and you should adopt those training methods that keep him engaged and interested.

Since these boxer dogs are highly active and prefer to engage themselves in different activities. You should avoid punishing them because they don’t have the higher tolerance level. Sometimes, punishments make him tenacity. Be sure that your communication with your dog is free from any sort of confusion.


While training make sure that you give plenty of love and attention to your dog. This activity make him disciplined, faithful, courteous and highlight all the positive characteristics in him. Try to sing, play games, talk and walk with them as your best friend. Try not to avoid them for long time of period. If you will do it, then you will be responsible for his bad behaviors, ferocious, hyperactivity and aggression.

To conclude, if you have plan to buy the boxer dog, then you can find out the advertisements in daily local newspapers. Internet is the best place to buy them, but always prefer the right and professional and reputed breeder. Ensure about one thing that the boxer dog that are sold by breeder must be screened, so that you have the guarantee that you are getting the pure American Boxer dog.

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