UK Boxer dog

UK Boxer dog is very popular dog, but on the other hand, they do have some distinctive behaviors of their own. However, in this article we will discuss the unique behaviors that are normally found in these boxer dogs:

Loyalty and Self Confidence;

UK Boxer dogThe UK boxer is not only friendly, but also very loyal to the familiar person, and just because of this reason he prefers to lay at their feet. Apart from that, these boxer dogs are also very strong, noble and possess the capability of self-confidence.


The boxer dog mostly loves only two people, their owner, and children. In other words, you can say that they act as a protector for both of them. But they are totally failed to show the affection to strangers.

The Woo Woo voice;

During playing the boxer dogs normally uttered the”woo woo” voice, to invite the people to play with him. This voice is very natural and known as the clown of a boxer dog. Apart from hat voice, they also famous for the Wiggle Butt wiggling for showing the exciting gesture, to communicate the friendly behaviors to other dog friends. Just like the German Boxers, they have the docked tail, and sometimes they show the over-exaggeration behavior, but they won’t harm you.

Oooo voice;

They uttered this voice when they smell bad before the owners. The Boxers are very intelligent and prefer to move away from the place which appears dangerous for them.


While boxing motion the boxer dogs prefer to play with its front paws and act like a fighter boxer.


The most distinctive behavior of the boxer dog is mouthing. They prefer to play mouthing with other dog or human with the wide mouth. Well, you can’t consider it the aggression sign because young puppies start this behavior with their litter mates after the birth of 3-4 weeks. You can consider it the natural playing gesture of boxer dogs.


Hugging is the favorite act of the boxer does, but as an owner, you should teach them to not do it at the early age especially with children and adults.

Fun-loving and intelligent;

Boxer dogs possess two basic qualities fun lovers, intelligence, love their surrounding people, but aggressive for the strangers. Unfortunately, sickness is very common in the Boxer dogs and just because of this reason they live for the short time of period on the earth. Thankfully their owner always tries their best to overcome the bad bacteria and diseases in them.

Food ingredients;

It is also best that the diet of your UK Boxer dog should be based on the fats, protein, calcium, and phosphorous. However, it is not important that your chosen food is always good to your dog. More importantly, the food of your dog should be a perfect blend of main balance things like fats, protein, and calcium.

Understanding of Boxers with owners;

These boxers have protective instincts toward their owners in the presence of strangers. They need publicity from their friend’s dogs, owners in an extensive manner so they can easily recognize the behavior of them. They also recognize the threatening acts of someone easily.


Dog loves the easy & comfortable walk. This is the best way to meet him with his friends and new people. In our societies, Walk is the best possible approach to meet your dog with the new people, but be careful because they behave badly to a stranger and doesn’t prefer to involve with them.

Don’s distinctive behaviors of UK Boxer dog;

Extreme Barking;

Barking is the common communication form of dogs, so you shouldn’t pay off attention to this much. Boxers normally bark to attentive their owners from approaching the strangers, land guarding and hunting. The best thing about them is they do not bark for unidentified reasons.


Boxers are not mean at all and also doesn’t show any aggression to other dogs, infect guarding behavior is very common in them. They alert their owners from the new visitors and defend their personal important things. Aggression is only responsible for the bad medical conditions and illness in the boxers. Unsocialized, fearful, Stressful and in painful Boxers aggressive behavior is very common.

Fear Obsessions;

Fear dreads are normally shown by these boxer dogs in the condition of thunderstorms and loud noises. This behavior is normally responsible for the socialization absence and surrounding disturbances.

Not capable of handling diseases;

Well, these boxers are unable to handle the diseases and have to suffer from degenerative myelopathy, hypothyroidism, boxer cardiomyopathy, hip dysplasia, gastric dilatation, allergies, intestinal problems and eyelid deformity. To fix the above-mentioned problems they used the Surgery option.

Breeders and Health;

Always give preference to the Reputable breeders due to the above-mentioned health issues. Always purchase the UK Boxer dog from an honest and trustworthy breeder, to decrease the chances of above-mentioned diseases. As a responsible owner, you should always remember the important factors in your mind that are good for the pet health. If you could, then consult with the vet not only in case of emergencies but also for the health of your boxer.

Eating and food pattern;

A boxer dog’s health depends on eating, food, and diet. When you fed your dog from more than his nutritional needs, then the chances are there that bloating may occur. To avoid this issue, make sure that you serve the food to your dog according to his nutritional needs. Avoid giving spicy food to your boxer and give some medicine to him to overcome the bloating issue. The best approach for better digestion is to take him for a walk or involve him in some physical activity.
Stop over thinking, just consider that your UK boxer dogs are one of the best types of dogs. Don’t hesitate about spending money on medication if any health problem occurs to your dog. What is important is that you adopt UK boxer dogs from Reputable, honest and trustworthy breeder.

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