Boxer dog Colitis

Colitis is a disease in which the large intestine or colon is infected with irritability and as a result of which, it usually causes diarrhea. It can be referred as eosinophilic, histiocytic, plasmacytic-lymphocytic, and granulomatous. There can be numerous reasons for colitis. Colitis is also common in many dog breeds in which boxer dog breed is also prominent. What happens actually, the colon of the boxer dog becomes swollen which also disturbs the whole lining of the boxer dog’s large intestine.

Eventually, the ability of Colon to perform its functions and taking in the water and feces becomes disturbed. Normally, the severe and continuous diarrhea is appeared with the frequent emission or discharge of blood. It is extremely painful, agonizing and unpleasant situation for a boxer dog, when it is suffering from Colitis. It is also observed, sometimes such reactions or infections causing to Colitis are even developed in the body of a boxer dog by inability to exonerate the harmful quantity of urine or stool. And consequently, such dangerous materials or substances can be mixed up with the bloodstream of a boxer dog resulting in the bloody colitis.

What are the symptoms of Colitis in a boxer dog?

Boxer ColitisFor the assessment, if your boxer dog is suffering from Colitis disease, there can be some alarming situations which should be noticed by the boxer dog owner in time.
If your boxer dog is suffering from Diarrhea and it is continuing and not managed with basic medical treatments, it can be Colitis. In such circumstances, boxer dog will conduct many accidents in-house premises. This will happen, the situation will become worse and it could not be able to control itself.
The presence of a liquid like a pus will be existing in the bowel which will be of cream-whitish colour.
Boxer dog can also emit blood. And this can be a cause of Colitis as well.
Gradually, boxer dog will loose its weight. The ribs will become more and more prominent day by day.
Some boxer dogs might have gastric issues and also vomiting will be happening off and on.

What could be the reasons of Colitis in a boxer dog?

If your boxer dog is suffering from un-expected Colitis, it could be due to un-bearable stress and mental disgust with your boxer dog. Sometimes if a boxer dog is brought to an entirely newer place and if it is perfectly stranger to such environment and dwelling conditions, this can result into a mental anxiety and such boxer dog shall feel frustrated. Colon type Colitis can be avoided, as soon as the boxer dog has adopted the environment and developed compatibility with the prevailing circumstances.

In every case, a balanced and appropriate diet plan is essential to harmonize a boxer dog. Some Boxer dogs are inclined to develop histiocytic ulcerative colitis. This type of Colitis can be extremely severe and it is usually caused due to a syndrome called inflammatory bowel disease, or IBD. This is observed very common in the early age of a boxer dog, especially during its puppyhood.

What could be the treatment of Colitis in a Boxer dog?

If your Boxer dog is suffering from relentless diarrhea conditions, it is recommended to take several types of tests and complete medical diagnosis. A perfect vet will also keep a keen eye on the food count of such boxer dog and also check up the discharged material. X-rays can also be done. Obviously, the first aim of the vet would be to control the diarrhea but if it is not controlled then your boxer dog might undergo numerous other types of blood tests, ultra sounds or a certain type of colonoscopy to further investigate the disease and suggest the reasonable treatment.

A through clinical examination of the intestinal lining will be done. Medication is also dependent upon the nature and severity of the colitis. In some conditions, the parasites can also be a major reason for the colitis and in this case the vet might recommend a parasitic idée. If it is also observed, unbalanced diet is causing the colitis in a boxer dog, then certainly some diet recommendations shall be suggested by the vet along with some antibiotics. Food stuff containing of fiber items can be highly useful.

When Colitis becomes more serious trouble, it also causes the gradual destruction of the immunity system of the boxer dog and it usually becomes the forms of histiocytic colitis or plasmocytic-lymphocytic colitis. In such situations, the symptoms can last for a longer duration and the vet will take a comprehensive medical examination of such boxer dog for determination and diagnosis of exact cause.

Along with the bold samples, the stool samples will also be scrutinized for finding the presence of the parasites or bacteria that are creating the bug and disorder. Blood tests also include the counting of the red and white blood cells of such boxer dog.

Suitable diet and its effects in curing Colitis in a Boxer dog

It must be generally understood; always the best way is to provide your boxer dog with suitable diet plan. Boxer dog is an energetic and dynamic dog and a disciplined food chart must not only be prepared during its puppyhood but also in adult age. Although boxer dog is basically canine, it is always better to make a food chart and provide him with the proper proportions of meat with veggies. Some boxer dogs develop a habit of going outside the home freely and without a schedule so there are chances,

they can eat some unwanted stuff and ultimately, this can result in the development of the germs for Colitis in their bodies. In addition to the food control, sometimes a strategy for a boxer dog infected with Colitis might be to allow him to move outside through a doggie door or open door options. We hope, you find this article useful and by adopting such useful parameters, you can keep your darling boxer dog away from the infectious Colitis.

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