Boxer Dog Ear Infections – Symptoms and effective Treatments

Do you think that Boxer Dog ear infections can be easily prevented by cleaning them? You are right to some extent, the basic purpose of cleaning is to prevent the infections, bacteria, mites and microorganisms then normally enters into the enter the into them. In this article, we will discuss the sign, symptoms and natural remedies to prevent the boxer dog ear infection.

Signs And Symptoms Of Ear Infections:

  1. Drainage from the ear
  2. Touch Sensitive Ears
  3. Wax in the Excessive form
  4. Scent of Foul
  5. Head shaking in a frequent manner
  6. Ear Redness
  7. Ears Scratching
  8. Factors of Predisposing
  9. Allergies
  10. Disease of Autoimmune
  11. Fragments in the ear
  12. Ear trauma
  13. Excessive hair in ear canal
  14. Long floppy ears
  15. Parasites in the ear such as Mites
  16. Watery ear

Why is it important to recognize the type of boxer Dog ear infections? 

Boxer Dog Ear InfectionsIf the ears of your dog are healthy dogs, then it should look like pink, clean and without no odor. If the ears of your dog are packed with the foul odor, and he rubs his ear rottenly, then you should take him to vet. One more thing that you should keep in your mind that don’t put anything in the dog ear without consulting your Vet.

Why Vet consultation is important? Just like the other diseases, ear infections are of many types, so before treatment, you should know that which type of infection your dog is suffering from and what are the possible treatments for it.

Natural remedies to sure Boxer Dog ear infections;

1.To cure it properly, first of all, you have to understand the main cause of this problem.

2.Next, you have to clean your dog’s ears with q-tips, but don’t put it in the eyes so deeply because it can cause your dog to lose the hearing capability.

3.It is important To Clean Your Dogs Ears to prevent the infection. To clean you just need a small amount of an anti-bacterial medication, put it on the cotton ball and massage it within the ear to experience the maximum effect and to clean the unwanted bacteria’s.

4.Just like cleaning, it is important to wipe off the bacteria’s with a cotton ball. For this purpose, you just need to put the small amount of the solution onto a cotton ball and rub it on the outer corners of your dog’s ear. It may happen that your dog will run away from you during this procedure.

5.Apart from the home remedies, Veterinarian Ear Care is also very important. It revolves around plucking all the excess hair from the ear and then rinses out the wax. Your Veterinarian is totally permitted to give the medications to your dog in case of any infection. Yes, sometimes, this procedure also include the steroids, because it is very helpful in decreasing your dog ear pain, inflammation, swelling, and redness.

6.You can give a try to the Anti-fungal medication to overcome the Boxer Dog ear infections. If allergies are the main reason, then you should treat it with the anti-allergy medications and possibly change the diet of your dog. Food allergy is very common and directly relates to the ear infections because of some cases.

7.Topical medication is also a good choice to eliminate the Boxer Dog ear infections. You can give a try to this medicine twice a day from the comfort of your home. You should be careful in choosing the topical solutions because the selection of the wrong type will cause the problem for your dog.

8.Some dog owners also use the antibiotics in the severe bacterial ear infection.

9.Underlying allergy is also the main cause of boxer dog ear infections. It is normally caused by excessive bathing or swimming. If your boxer dogs have the large floppy ears, then it is the sure thing that he is prone to ear infections and allow the bacteria to grow it.

10.Black discharge is considered to be the best method to overcome the ear infections, but if it is only caused by the allergy. If your Dogs is suffering from the bacterial ear infections, then it is the sure thing that he has the Staphylococcus organism. In some rare cases, some boxer dogs become the victim of serious ear infection that is caused by the Pseudomonas bacteria.

11.White vinegar is also very effective in removing the Boxer Dog ear infections, kill the yeast and bacteria, which are the main reasons of ear infections. Just because of the anti-fungal properties, vinegar is considered to be the best for resolving the dog’s ear infection.
If your dog has red and swallowed ears, then you shouldn’t put the vinegar in the ear because it will make it more painful. For the proper recovery, you should continue this procedure for 5-7 days on a daily basis. If your dog is suffering from the recurring infections, then you should follow this procedure on weekly.

12.Essential Fatty Acids are also the good option to overcome the Boxer Dog ear infections. You should take the 1000 mg of it if the weight of your dog is 10lbs.

13.Healing oils are very helpful if your dog’s ears are swollen and he feels difficulty while touching it. For this purpose, you have to prepare the mixture with the quantity of 1 tablespoon Olive Oil, 1 Vitamin E capsule and crushed garlic. Mix all of these ingredients properly and then insert this solution into your dog ear. After 5 minutes, when this solution is properly soaked, then rub the ear base properly and wipe with the help of cotton ball remove the out excess debris. The included ingredient garlic is packed with the anti-fungal properties so that it will be helpful in recurring infections.

14.To conclude, after treatment it is very important to visit your vet after two weeks to determine that the further treatment is necessary for your or not? To prevent boxer dog ear infections, you should clean you’re his ears once or twice a week as a major part of grooming. For the purpose of ear cleaning, you can give a try to the antifungal and anti-bacterial medications, or you should directly visit your Vet.

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