Nine most important Boxer Dog Eye Disease

Boxer Dog eye diseases are genetic Sometimes, however, others become the victim of this because of the aging and loose face skin, but all of these issues are normally happens in mixed breeds and purebreds alike. Hereditary characteristics are also the main cause of Boxer Dog Eye Disease, although genetics is not always the main cause of this Disease. This article will define the 8 Most Common Types of Eye Disease. Let’s check it one by one.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy:

Boxer Dog Eye DiseaseProgressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), one of the most serious eye disease, which is normally caused by the declining of retinal cells, which makes your dog unable to see the stationary objects and he also faces the vision impairment. The purebred breeding stock is the verified test for this disease. But before going for the test you should ask your veterinarian about this disease more because in some cases your dog doesn’t need the proper treatment, however, cure can be possible by following the little tips.

If your dog is affected with PRA, then the chances are there that he is totally unable to see the things properly, but it is not all about the blindness. If the vision of your dog is getting decreased slowly, then the chances are there that your dog can live a normal life.


A dog faces the symptoms of Entropion at any age. It doesn’t offer any serious threat to your dog life, but if it is caused by the genetic, then your dog have to bear the serious difficulties, but on the other hand, this Eye Disease doesn’t affect the bred dogs. The main cause of Entropion is, excess skin around the dog’s eyes, which makes it difficult for the dog to roll the eyes inward. If your dog has rolling skin, then the eyelids hair rubs on the cornea of dog, which makes happen irritation and discomfort. But the good thing about this condition is that you can easily fix this comparatively simple surgical procedure.


Ectropion, another serious eyelid problem. If your dog has loosened his facial skin too much, then it became the main reasons of sagging eyelids. But the visible conjunctiva is the main reason for this infection. This issue normally occurs in mixed breeds, but sometimes genetic are also responsible for this condition.

Corneal Scratches and Ulcers:

These Eye Diseases are painful for your boxer dog, but it is normally transmitted genetically in your dog. The main cause of this Disease is, dust particles, grass seeds that easily get under the eyelids and force your dog to scratch and rub their eyes. It also causes corneal scratches as well.

If you want to cure this Boxer Dog Eye Disease, then there are much possible and treatment are available in the market. If you keep it unattended, then dog’s face the issue of scratching constantly and could damage the cornea, loss of vision and also followed by many other eye loss. Whenever your dog narrow his eyes, rubs his eyes or holds it closely, or you find it out that his eye looks inflamed, then you should visit the veterinarian immediately.

Cherry Eye:

The nictitating membrane, also called the third eyelid, usually appears as a tiny pink structure located at the inside corner (nasal canthus) of the eye. If that membrane becomes irritated, it spreads out over the entire eye surface. If the gland located on the underneath side of the membrane becomes inflamed, it will swell and cause the whole third eyelid to turn wrong-side-out.

This results in a horrible-appearing red mass, which, amazingly, doesn’t appear to bother the dog in the least. Cherry eye is easily diagnosed, and if no cause is determined, can be treated either by surgical removal of the gland or occasionally by medication to combat the swelling and infection. A predisposition for a cherry eye can be inherited.


Normally a condition found in older dogs, cataracts may be hereditary. A cataract is an opacity within the lens, which lies directly behind the iris. Eventually causing blindness, this condition can’t be treated medically. Cataract or lens removal is surgically possible. Surgery is expensive, and even when performed by specially qualified veterinary ophthalmologists, it could have complications.


This Boxer Dog Eye Disease normally transmitted genetically. Your dog become a victim of this disease when the fluid pressure within the eyeball increases and bring about discomfort and blindness in your dog. If you want to diagnose this Disease in your dog, then you should visit the veterinary, because he knows better that hoe to treat this issue better medically and surgically.


When it comes to the Scleritis, it is considered to be the most common Boxer Dog Eye Disease. The main reason behind this disease is sclera inflammation when the white outer surrounded by the eyeball. Scleritis affects only one eye of your dog at a time. According to the veterinary, steroids is the best possible way to treat this condition.

Pigmentary Keratitis (PK):

This Boxer Dog Eye Disease normally caused by the annexation of blood vessels, but on the other hand, it is normally linked to the genetics in certain breeds. German Shepherds breed become the victim of this disease most frequently.
If you detect the Boxer Dog Eye Disease early, then you should start the treatment in a possible manner. However, when the Disease spreads fast, you have to go for the surgery to prevent blindness of your dog.

If you don’t want to make the condition worse, then you should spare time to visit the veterinary. If you your dog is scratching his eyes, then it is also necessary to visit the doctor for proper diagnoses and proper treatment. It is important that the vestibular understand your boxer dog’s disease properly, and more importantly all of the above-mentioned disease caused by genetically. Don’t follow any herbal remedy in a hurry to overcome the disease because the chances are there that it would become worse.

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