Boxer dog paws

This beauty is known as an enormous and nonpartisan headed dog breed with impressive personality which happily possesses youthful characteristics and sprightly nature! Yes, we are talking about ‘Boxer dog’, ‘ a boy who never grows up!’ The Boxer dog becomes fully adult in the age of 3 years so it means their puppyhood span is stretched to the longest comparing to many other dog breeds in the earth. Boxer dog is an imaginative, agile and gallant dog which is equally social and cordial. They are dependable and tried-and-true companion to their owner and family.

Boxer dog is named for its boxing technique with front paws;

Boxer dog pawsWell in other articles, we have elaborated in details about the personality and physical features of boxer dog. Why not, if we tell you in this article about some astonishing details of your boxer dog paws? Boxer dog was actually named for standing on their hind legs and exhibit ‘boxing’ with their front paws.

It is believed as this dog breed was particularly raised for protecting the cattle as other dogs were failed sometimes to control the cattle, the boxer dog had a tendency to box at the cattle and keeping them well-disciplined. The Creator has designed the paws so wonderfully which help him performing his athletic tricks in a unique way. They make them real challenger and sporty.

Etymology of word paws;

Paw is generally mean as the soft foot of an animal which includes the claws and nails; comparable to a human hand or foot. As far as its etymology is concerned, we can’t say exactly but somehow it is derived from Middle English ‘pawe’ and from Old French ‘poue’. Or may be coming from old Roman word ‘Pauta’ which literary means as ‘clog’, a type of old shoes.

Are you rating the paws of your boxer dog low?

Often boxer dog lovers are attracted by their magnificent appearance and physical features including their eyes, jaw and shiny skin but never to under-rate the paws of a boxer dog. When they are in cheerful mood, they start playing and they stand on their back legs and move their front paws like a human boxer. It certainly gives an immense treat to watch their amazing sporty skills. This is also one of the reasons, they are considered in the most favorite dog breeds.

Components of boxer dog paws;

Like other dog breeds, boxer dogs have 320 bones on average in their body and some of those play a vital role in formulation of their paws. There is also a skin on a boxer dog’s feet, some tissues and ligaments which perform the functions of blood supply as well.

There is also metacarpal pads working as shock-observers and also help in protecting the bones and joints of boxer dog’s feet. The paw pads also contain some tissues that help in protecting by involving the inner tissues to harmonize the outside temperature.

Even these paw pads are useful in shielding the boxer dog from walking on rough surfaces in a calm way. These paw pads give important signals to boxer dog brains in assessing the type of surface on which it is having the intention to walk or run.

However, it is always suggested to make sure; if you are taking out in extreme heat environment, the paws of boxer dogs can be infected from burning or due to some chemicals and particles lying on such ground. Boxer dog paws also release moisture just like human hands, when the boxer dog feels some discomfort or frustration and they become sweaty. It is also to be remembered, the front paws carry more weight of the boxer dog than its heels.

The dew claw of a boxer dog;

The claw which exists few margins upwards the boxer dog’s paw is called as ‘dew claw’ and it is used by the boxer dog same like as humans use their thumbs. Boxer dogs use this dew claw in chewing, eating bones and grasping or holding a grip on something. The dew claw can also be used by boxer dog maneuvering uneven surface or if they are hiking on some highland spot. Some boxer dog owners prefer to remove these dew claws in the age of its puppyhood.

Some boxer dog owners who keep a female boxer dog, she could have a tendency to catch and licking its dew claws, so it is also observed, they prefer to remove her dew claws, especially before getting her spayed. In some cases, additional dewclaws can also exist above the paws of a boxer dog.

Some careful tactics needed for boxer dog paws;

If your boxer dog starts licking and kissing its paws regularly, then it is recommended to have check up from the vet. In normal situations, it can be merely a sign of anxiety or some kind of uneasiness but in some exceptional cases, there could be a kind of infection which is giving it irritation or hypersensitivity.

If an unusual kind of smell is coming from your boxer dog feet, then it can be due to a certain bacterial invasion and it can be cured easily. Boxer dog’s paws might carry some forms of allergies, chemicals and other hazardous chemicals that can be dangerous to the health of a boxer dog. It is suggested, foot soaking should be done regularly and it is better to soak the boxer dog’s feet in a good sized bowl or tub.

When in the evening, your boxers is back from outside, soak it all paws and clean well as it will reduce the risk of danger from irritant chemicals. If your boxer dog is sometimes reluctant in dipping its paws in the water, you can offer him/her with a treat.

Once you’re finished with soaking for 3-5 minutes, no need to dry, just give him/her a pat and let it go. In case of water shortage, the same water can be re-used, but after 3-4 days, the same water should be changed. A small quantity of iodine can also be mixed with the cleaning water to keep your boxer dog’s paws safe from germs.


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